Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Frightfully Fun Weekend

It’s almost Halloween!

To get in the spirit, Jarrod and I went on a double date with some friends Friday night.

Now, just what kind of double date puts you in the Halloween mood, you ask?

A haunted trolley tour of Old Monterey!

Ghost Tour 

I should buy a book about the haunted history of Monterey because I definitely couldn’t absorb everything the guide was telling us – especially since most of the people in the stories had roughly eight names.

We didn’t see any ghosts on the tour.  But then Staci sent me this picture last night…

Ghost Tour - JJJ 

Yikes!  That’s not a ghost, that’s me.  I’m going to the MAC counter tomorrow to talk about my makeup color.  Obviously pale Virginia Jenny that got new foundation last winter needs a different color than somewhat tanned California Jenny.

Then I sent this picture to Staci.

Ghost Tour - SZ

I didn’t notice at first, but Staci caught it right away.  Check out the creepy face in the window next to the cardboard box.  Is it a ghost?  Maybe!  It doesn’t look like a reflection of anyone that was on our tour.

The tour was a lot of fun, and it makes me really want to learn more about Monterey’s history.  The local library has a section of books on the area’s history.  Looks like I should check it out!

Yesterday some of our friends had a Florida v. Georgia football watching party at their house.

This little girl knows how to watch some football!


When she wasn’t watching football, she was being silly for the camera or playing with all of the other kids.

Getting seven kids ages 3 and under to pose for a picture – HAHAHAHA!

Charlotte also conspired with the opponent.  She asked me if she could give this cute little Auburn Tigers fan hugs and kisses.  She’s starting early!


All those cute kids weren’t the only ones sporting their team colors.  The ladies were dressed for college football Saturday too!


We had a wonderful time at the Florida/Georgia party!  Thanks, Steven and Traci for hosting! 

And thanks to Kevin and Kate for letting us watch the Auburn v. Texas A&M game at your house.  It sure is fun to have friends to watch Aggie football with – even if they are fans of the opposing team!  

Today after church was pumpkin carving day at our house.

Charlotte decided against carving her pumpkin and instead decorated it with stickers.


Trenton and Daddy worked on a witch jack-o-lantern.


Charlotte got to help a little too.


The kids also had fun playing in the pumpkin guts.


I had big plans for a cute little A&M jack-o-lantern.  I started with carving the T.  It was HARD!  I asked Jarrod for help thinking that I was doing something wrong.  He had a lot of trouble too, but was able to finish up the T.  He told me that I wouldn’t be able to do the rest of it though.

That’s the wrong thing to tell this girl!

I went and got the cordless drill!  I drilled holes along my outline to make sawing the pumpkin easier.


Then this happened.



I still wasn’t going to give up.  I grabbed a hammer, and used it and the broken drill bit to make my holes.

I was just about done with my A.  Then this.


Crud!  No fixing that!  And that was the end of my jack-o-lantern carving.  Maybe next year I’ll pick a pumpkin that isn’t part concrete!

Trenton’s witch turned out great though!


Look out for more Halloween fun from us later this week!


Nicole said...

Love love love it. This post is so fun! I must reprimand you for scaring this gal with your ghost reflection pic. Ugh! My hubby isn't here to protect me from blogs posting stories about ghost reflections!! JK. Now I'm going to have to sleep with the lights on :) It looks like you had a great week and all those kiddos are adorable. The pics from the party made me laugh!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

omg that picture of C and C is just to much!

Kera said...

New follower! Looks like a fun weekend with your family :) Your kids are so cute. I'm telling my hubby we need to get on the pumpkin-carving. My daughter would have so much fun with it {she's kinda obsessed with pumpkins ha}.

Thanks for linking up with us at the Super Sunday Sync--hope to see you next week!

Maria @ Life on M Avenue said...

The witch pumpkin turned out great!! And maybe you should become a Husker fan... an 'N' would be much easier to carve.. :)

Jenny said...

Hahahaha, Maria! I've always rooted for the Huskers....when they've played the Longhorns! :)

Rachel said...

New follower via the mingle with us blog hop. Stop by and say hello. :)


Erin said...

Following GFC. Enjoy the blog.

Miki said...

Oh, my! That was one hard pumpkin! :O The last one looks really neat! ;)

Jenny said...

Haha, Nicole! Hope you didn't get any scary trick or treaters at your door! ;) Hope you had a great Halloween!

Jenny said...

She talks about him all the time! She might just have a little crush!

Jenny said...

Thanks! Hope you guys got to carve one!