Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Picking & A Flop

We had so much fun picking strawberries at Gizdich Ranch back in May, that we decided to go back for apple season!


The kids and I picked Jarrod up at school Friday afternoon after he finished his classes, and we headed north to Watsonville.

The trees were full of fruit.  Most of the low branches had been picked over, but our helpers didn’t seem to mind.


And they LOVED taste testing!


We wound up picking nearly sixteen pounds of apples – a mix of Gala and Pippin. 

So what to do with all of those apples?

Trenton wanted to make an apple pie.  After spending the whole day on the couch sick on Saturday, I was feeling well enough by yesterday afternoon to try my hand at pie baking.

I’ve never baked an apple pie before and certainly never made my own crust, so I found a recipe on Pinterest that sounded good and had a lot of reviews.

The kids were ready.  I was a little unsure. 

We made our pie crust dough, stuck in the fridge, took a break to talk to Nanny & WaWa on the phone, then got to making filling.

*I walked into the living room so that I could hear Nanny.  A certain little boy ran up to me with a mouthful of FLOUR!  After he made sure I saw, he ran to the trash can, spit it out, and then ran back to me.  “A lot of flour isn’t yummy, but a little flour is good.”  And this is my kid that doesn’t like hamburgers or french fries?

I was getting really excited about the filling once we mixed it all up.  We each snitched tastes, and it was delicious!

We rolled out our dough, put it in the pan, filled it with apples, topped it with the other piece of crust dough, and put it in the oven.

I could tell while the pie was baking that the crust wasn’t looking flaky.  Oh well, I thought, as long as it tastes good, it will be fine.

The pie came out of the oven, and sat on our counter cooling for an hour taunting us.

After dinner I cut into the pie….and was totally let down.

Apple Pie = Flop

Not only was the crust not flaky, but the filling was watery. 

I doled out slices for everyone. 

Trenton looked at his slice and asked for syrup on it.  Even with syrup, he didn’t like it.

Charlotte, my human garbage disposal, wouldn’t touch it.

Jarrod and I choked our slices down.  It wasn’t nasty, but it definitely wasn’t what we were hoping for. 

I would say that this recipe was a Pinterest fail, but I’m pretty sure it was a total user error.

Hopefully the next apple recipe that I try won’t be such a letdown – especially since it will be my birthday cake!



Rebecca @ Sink or Swim said...

My favorite crust recipe is Martha's Pate Brisee. I love a butter crust! Also I make it in my food processor which makes it SO fast and easy. As for filling I only use granny smith apples... and you can add some flour or cornstarch to the filling to help it thicken! Good luck on your next pie!

Christine said...

We always end up with a ridiculous amount of apples when we go apple picking but haven't had much luck recently - all the apples have been picked over by the time we got there. But it looks like you had a great time and your pictures are gorgeous!! I'm sorry the pie didn't turn out but good luck with your birthday cake!

Jelli said...

I love that you all were able to enjoy an already picked over orchard. It couldn't have been too barren though, if you wound up with a whopping 16 lbs. of apples. Sorry about the pie fail. Perhaps the types of apples used had a higher liquid content than the recipe called for?? Maybe go with apple cobbler next time. It's so much easier than messing with a fussy crust. Thanks for linking up with me this week, Jenny.

Mindy Harris said...

i found u thru the mom's monday mingle on naptime review blog and now follow thru gfc! thanks, dear!

Jenny said...

I'll have to look that crust recipe up! Thanks for the tips!

Jenny said...

Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the cake!

Jenny said...

I normally like apple cobblers more than pies, but I figured I would give this a try. I'll definitely go with cobbler next!

Jenny said...

Thanks! I followed you back!