Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Apple Projects

The last few weeks have been all about apples in our house.

In addition to picking apples and baking with apples, the kids have also done some apple projects.

First up were toilet paper roll and paper plate apple trees.

Apple Tree CraftApple Tree CraftApple Tree CraftApple Tree Craft

Then we used one of the apples that we picked at Gizdich Ranch to make Apple Smiles.  Trenton loved being able to read the recipe all by himself out of his Curious George Apple Harvest book.

Apple SmilesApple Smile

Apple wreaths were next on the agenda.  We stamped apples onto cardstock, added stems, cut them out, and then glued them to paper plate rings.

 Stamped Apple WreathStamped Apple WreathStamped Apple WreathDSC_2126_1Stamped Apple WreathStamped Apple Wreath

Whew!  You would think that we would be all appled out, but we still have almost half of our 16 pounds of apples.  Hmmm…what to do next?


Taara said...

Applesauce! Great projects as well.

Jenny said...

Thanks! My kids are iffy on applesauce. I've got a muffin recipe that I want to make and then maybe some jelly to use as Christmas gifts.

Jelli said...

I really liked the apple smiles. They'd be almost as fun to make as to eat. I suppose you could read Johnny Appleseed books and make dried apple dolls. Thanks for linking with me this week, Jenny.

Jenny said...

The apple smiles were delicious! I remember making dried apple dolls when I was a kid. My kids would think that was cool!