Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Costumes with Linky

Happy October!
It’s that time again – time to get started on putting Halloween costumes together (if you’re not one of those super on-the-ball people who had costumes picked out 3 months ago).
I have had so much fun with Halloween costumes since having kids.
My mom always made costumes for my brother and me, and I wanted to start the same tradition when Trenton came along.
Trenton loved monkeying around on his first Halloween!
Monkey CostumeMonkey Costume 2
If you are looking for this pattern, it has unfortunately been discontinued.
I used the same pattern to make Trenton’s costume for his second Halloween.  He was a frog prince and Charlotte was a princess.
Frog PrinceFrog Prince and Princess
By the time last year rolled around, I had two toddlers that were into EVERYTHING, and Jarrod was deployed.  I knew that I would probably drive myself to the loony bin if I tried sewing their costumes, so I ordered costumes online.  Both kids loved watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates (and they still do), so they dressed up as pirates.
Toddler's RevengePirate GirlPirate1
Trenton and Charlotte’s friends had been a pirate and a parrot the previous year, and their dad had made this pirate ship to fit over their wagon.  Since we had the same kind of wagon, we were able to borrow it.
This year I have two kiddos that are obsessed with outer space.  (Charlotte can actually count better backwards than she can count forward.)  So, an outer space theme it will be.  I already have Trenton’s costume.  I have some work to do to put Charlotte’s together though.  And maybe Mommy and Daddy will join in on the costume fun this year!
What about your kids?  What are they going to dress up as?
What have they (or you) been in the past?  Use the Linky tool below to link up your post(s) with your favorite costumes.


Holli said...

Thanks for visiting today. Happy to be following back. Your blog is beautiful! (And your pictures are stunning.) Just linked up my boys Halloween costumes from last year. I'd love it if you'd share this post at my Halloween link-up, too! The pirate costumes and boat is really fantastic, btw.

Holli said...

Ok, you are all set if you'd like to re-sumbit your post. Thanks so much for sharing!

Melissa Tinkerbeanblog said...

Adorable costumes!

Helen said...

So cute! Those are some fantastic costumes. I love making my daughter's costumes, but can't hardly sew to save my life so we've gone fairly easy and simple so far.

Jenny said...


Jenny said...

Thanks! I had fun putting them together! Isn't Halloween fun? I hope my kids let me "help" them choose their costumes for a long time!