Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Dog Days of Autumn?

Summer in Monterey was brutal.  Not hot brutal, but foggy, overcast, cold brutal.

Cue October, and we get the two hottest days of the year!  Glorious sunny warm days!  Days that would be a sin to spend indoors. 88 degree and 91 degree days.

So, what did we do?  We headed outside.

The kids had preschool Monday morning.  After coming home, eating lunch, naptime, and some cleaning, we managed to pry Jarrod away from the books for a picnic dinner at NPS.


Jarrod had to get back to studying after our picnic, but the kids and I walked across the boardwalk to the beach.


My kids love the beach, but I think I might enjoy it a bit more than them.  I mean, what Mom wouldn’t love something that brings such joy to her kids’ faces?


Knowing that yesterday was going to be another really warm day, I decided to take the kids on a hike.  And what type of hike is better than one that takes you to the beach?

We hiked part of the Carmel River Beach Trail.

I kept a close eye on the trail after our run-in with a rattlesnake on a hike a few months ago.

We started on the back side of the trail, and were soon faced with a decision – Monastery Beach or Carmel River Beach?


Monastery Beach it was.  We set up our blanket, had snacks, and played in the surf a bit (all holding hands – the surf was really strong here).


After a while at Monastery Beach, we packed up and hiked over to Carmel River Beach. 

The kids climbed on rocks for a little while and then we decided that it was time to head back to the car.

You see, as much fun as it is to take the kids to the beach, it can get a little tiring with a newly potty trained child.

Charlotte spends more time in the bathroom than any kid I have seen.  Take her frequent need to urinate and pair it with ocean waves.  This is what you get.


The “oh no, I need to go pee pee” look and the pee pee dance. 

And yes, I let her go on the beach.

Even being on constant potty duty couldn’t have taken the fun and happiness out of these warm days.

Today the forecasted high is back in the mid-60s, and by the weekend, the highs are forecasted to be in the 50s.  I’m still holding out hope for more dog days of autumn though. 

Maybe Trenton can call on the dog days like he calls on the waves.



La Jolla Mom said...

Hi from SITS! I would go outside too! It was hotter than heck down here in La Jolla toward the end of summer, which isn't normal. Haven't been to Monterey in a loooong time. Love your pics, too!

Jenny said...

Dinseyland has been as far south in CA that we've been. And when we went a few weeks ago, it was HOT! Thankfully we've had quite a few warm-ish sunny days in Monterey this month. I'm hoping it stays this way!