Monday, October 22, 2012

What To Do On a Cold, Rainy Day

Search for and find the umbrella that you haven’t had to use for seven months before leaving the house to pick kids up from preschool.

Umbrella on a Rainy Day

Warm up after lunch with hot cocoa.

Making Hot CocoaMaking Hot CocoaMaking Hot CocoaMaking Hot Cocoa

Make Halloween JELLO Jigglers (Thanks, Mimi & Pops!).

JELLO JigglersJELLO Jigglers

While waiting for jigglers to solidify, send the kids upstairs to wreck play in the playroom.

Get Halloween cards ready to mail to family.


Get caught up on a never-ending battle.


Check on the jigglers.

They’re done!

JELLO Jigglers

Eat your jiggler.

JELLO Jigglers


Share it!  (And cause Mommy to have to mop for the second time in 24 hours!)

JELLO Jigglers

Get excited because the sun has come out!

Go outside to play!

Backyard PlayBackyard PlayBackyard Play


Jillian Nicole said...

Hi this is a really nice post and I enjoyed watching the kids make the jello and eat them. I got a little confused with the letters... you are the first I have read who do this.
I hope the kids have a great Halloween. I am following you now and look forward to hearing about it.

Jenny said...

Hi Jillian - Thanks! We made homemade Halloween cards to send to family members. I can't show what they look like yet because I don't want to spoil the surprise for those that will be getting them in the mail. Stay tuned though - I'll show them off later this week!

Mrs.B said...

We love hot cocoa in this house!!

Love those jigglers, I've never seen those before.

Jenny said...

My mom found the jiggler kit at Wal-Mart. They are cute!