Friday, November 23, 2012

A Picky Eater’s Thanksgiving

I was a crazy picky eater as a kid.  Not quite as picky as Trenton – I actually ate hamburgers and french fries – but I was still pretty picky.

I remember having an issue with Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey and bread.  That was all I ate.  (Thankfully I‘ve come to my senses, and I eat almost all of the Thanksgiving staples now.)

When we were invited to our friends’ house for Thanksgiving, I was planning on taking a box of fish sticks along for Trenton and any other picky eaters.

Then Brittanie told me that she was planning on making Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets for the kids.  Score!

I decided to make a few other kid friendly things for them too.

Turkey Juice Boxes 

Turkey Juice Boxes!

A brown paper grocery sack, red, yellow, and orange construction paper, googly eyes, and glue.  So easy!  And the kids loved helping me put these together!

Next on to a kid dessert.

M&M Cornucopias 2

M&M Cornucopias!

These were a little more involved, but they turned out so cute!

I took waffle cones, held the bottom portion in a cup of hot water for 15-20 seconds, stuck the cone in the microwave for 20 seconds, and then wrapped the end around a pen, holding it in place for about a minute.


And then because I didn’t want to give all of the kids a HUGE sugar high (just a little one would be sufficient!), I stuck foil balls in the bottom of each cone before I filled them with M&Ms.


A square of cling wrap and a piece of ribbon, and the cornucopias were done!

M&M Cornucopias

The kids loved their kid friendly dinner.  And there were even a few adults that tried out the kid fare!

Grown ups like turkey juice boxes

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


craftyspices said...

Love these ideas, thx

You are invited to come and join us at the Follow Who? Social Weekend HOP.
Hope to wee you!

Nicole said...

Love it! Those turkey juice boxes are so cute. And the cornucopias too. You are amazingly creative!

Natalie Hinkley said...

How adorable are those treats! I read an article once that claimed picky eaters had a lot more taste buds of their tongues than non-picky eaters so flavors of a lot of stuff are too intense to be enjoyable. Fun fact for you, lol :)

Jo MyGosh said...

Those are great ideas! (And hello from a Navy fiancee and blogger! I was excited to stumble across another military blog!) :-) Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jenny said...

Charlotte actually tries foods (and likes most of them). I can't get Trenton to even try new things though! Grrrr....

Jenny said...


Jenny said...

Thanks! Love your picture! So cute!