Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What is a Two Year Old Thankful For?


This is what I found in Charlotte’s cubby at preschool this morning.  I had to laugh. 

I peeked around to see what some of Charlotte’s classmates were thankful for.

Motorcycles, dolls, candy, pasta…

I love that these were all things that the kids came up with on their own.  Things that they truly love and are thankful for.  Yes, these kids all love their families, friends, homes, etc., but those things are a given to them.  Not things that they think they can lose. 

So while I thought that I would like to see my name on this cute little preschool painting, after looking at it from another perspective, I’m thankful that I have an independent thinker. 

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Twingle Mommy said...

That's really cute. My two year old announced that she was thankful for Christmas last night. I think she gets it this year.