Monday, December 3, 2012

Lost and Found

As Jarrod and I were getting ready to walk out the door to attend the Naval Postgraduate School Grand Winter Ball on Saturday, I went to my purse to grab my ID out of my wallet.

*The Grand Winter Ball is a black tie event hosted by the NPS Foundation each year to showcase the school to people in the community.  Military couples are chosen to be escorts for the event, and Jarrod and I were honored to be chosen.  I didn’t have my big girl camera with me, so I only have one grainy photo from my phone.

NPS Grand Winter Ball 2012

My wallet wasn’t in my purse!

I checked to see around the table that my purse was on to see if I had taken it out and it got put under something.  I asked Trenton and Charlotte if they knew where it was.  I came up with nothing.

We didn’t have time for an extensive search, so Jarrod and I got on the road.

On our way to the ball, I called Target to see if my wallet had been turned in there since the checkout counter was the last place I knew I had my wallet.

Nothing had been turned in.

I called back Sunday morning, and still, nothing had been turned in.

I checked my credit and debit cards online, and nothing had been used.

Since my cards hadn’t been used, and my wallet wasn’t in Target’s lost and found, I just knew that it had to be somewhere around the house.

We all tore the house apart on Sunday looking for the wallet.

We checked in the refrigerator, pulled up the couch cushions, looked inside shoes, sifted through legoes, stripped beds, scoured the car, and even looked inside the grill.

We couldn’t find it anywhere!

I called Target multiple times on Sunday with no luck.

This morning after dropping the kids at preschool (we walked 6 miles uphill through the snow!), I popped in Target to talk to someone in person.  No wallets with my ID had been turned in.

I came home (again walking uphill through the snow), and just as I was finishing up a workout and about to head upstairs to take a shower, my doorbell rang.

It was a city police officer with a paper sack in his hand.

He had my wallet!

Apparently a lady had found it near the Target exit and taken it to the local police station rather than letting Target handle it.  Gosh I love a Good Samaritan!



My Traveling Troop said...

Wow! How lucky! So happy to hear you found your wallet!

Lovely ball gown, by the way! :)


Jenny said...

Thanks, Kristina! Yes, I was very lucky to have my wallet turned in. I was able to borrow the gown from a friend. It was nice to get to wear something "new" but not have to buy anything!

Lauren said...

Super nice! Glad everything worked out. You would not want to lose that adorable Thirty-one wallet! haha