Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Prior to this year, Jarrod and I had only spent one Christmas in Texas since being married.  We were so excited to be able to spend this year back home with family; especially since it would be Trenton and Charlotte’s first Christmas in Texas.

Christmas did not disappoint.  We had a wonderful time!

We were able to snap a few family photos before going to Christmas Eve Mass.


The kids had played hard all day, so they both slept through Mass – Charlotte cuddled up next to WaWa, and Trenton first on my shoulder and then laid out in the pew.  Jarrod and I were excited that we actually got to pay attention to the whole sermon and not just bits and pieces between reminding two kids to sit still and use church voices!

After church we came back to our house for dinner with WaWa and my Aunt Carol.

We also had a couple of surprise visitors!


After opening a few gifts, it was time to put out the cookies that we decorated for Santa and drift off into dream land.

Christmas Cookies

The kids were ready to go on Christmas morning!

Santa left some fun toys!

Charlotte loves cuddling the giraffe that Santa brought her!

Trenton and Daddy were checking out the race cars that Santa brought.

We played with Santa gifts for a while and then pulled some presents out from under the tree.


Boy did the kids find some fun stuff!

Daddy’s gift idea was a hit!  Hopefully we’ll have nice weather so Trenton can try this out soon!

Little Missy wore her princess gear all day!  Mimi and Pops hit the jackpot with this!

Daddy got a couple of really special gifts.  Mom, Dad, and I took the kids to the dollar store over the weekend.  I told Trenton and Charlotte that they could each pick out a gift for Daddy.  Whatever they thought he wanted/needed.


Trenton picked out Starship Troopers for Daddy.  He said that it was what Daddy always wanted!

Charlotte first picked a package of girls underwear for Daddy’s gift.  They weren’t really Daddy’s style, so she picked something different.


A green toothbrush because “Daddy like green and he need clean teeth.”!

It was then time to move on to breakfast.  I was told by Trenton that Christmas breakfast had to be special and something that we had never eaten before.

This is what we wound up with.

Santa Pancakes

Santa pancakes! 

It wasn’t long before it was time to load up and go to WaWa’s for lunch.  It was actually more like a feast!  The Krauskopf family knows how to have a meal!  The kids and I were home last month, but it was really great to see all of my family again at WaWa’s. And the kids have so much fun playing with their extended family.

  Charlotte called WaWa one day at the beginning of the month, and asked if she could put the star on his tree.  I’m so glad that I caught this.  It has to be one of my favorite pictures ever.


We feel so blessed to have been able to spend our Christmas surrounded by family.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas too! 


Hanna said...

Thank you for your encouraging comment!!! It means the world to me and thank you for coming by my blog:) your fMily is beautiful and it looks like you had a very merry Christmas;) xoxo HannA

Kera said...

Wow, and it looks like you guys had a fabulous Christmas as well! Your kiddies are so adorable! I'm pretty sure all little girls are into princess things, so that Little People castle and the dress up clothes were great gifts! My daughter got a princess book and "wand" that goes along with it, and her vanity of course :) And your son looked like he had a ball with his gifts as well! My hubs can't wait for us to have a boy some day for that reason :)

Lizy said...

What a lovely Christmas! Everybody look so happy and in harmony! and Santa! wow...that was super cool! My little one is still trying to get used to good Ol'Saint Nick!so we were lucky this year to get 1 quick pic and that was it! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm following you now