Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Mom Can Dream

Saturday morning Jarrod and I sent the kids upstairs to clean the playroom that did not get cleaned the night before.  Trenton was tasked with cleaning up Alphie and his cards and the Legos.  Charlotte was supposed to clean up her play food and shape game.


Less than five minutes later, we heard screaming.  Charlotte had finished her cleaning job while Trenton dilly dallied with his Legos, building new stuff rather than cleaning up.  So Charlotte started to pick them up herself.  Trenton did not like it.  And thus, the beginning of the fight over who got to clean up the blocks.

Fast forward to yesterday morning.  I got the kids breakfast and reminded Trenton that he needed to feed Bailey.


Then I went to get ready.  I was in the middle of applying eyeliner when I heard the screaming. 

“No, I want to feed Bailey!”
“No, feeding him is MY chore!” 

My kids were once again fighting over who got to do a CHORE!

Think I could get them to fight over who gets to do laundry or the dishes?


A mom can dream, right?

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