Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Smoking

Trenton is fascinated with signs.  He is always asking me what they say and mean.

So it was of no surprise to me when he asked what this sign meant when we went to the doctor’s office.


I pointed to the picture on the sign, and told him that the symbol meant “No Smoking.”

“That’s smart.  If the building was smoking it would be on fire.”

“Yes, if the building was smoking it would be on fire, but that’s not what the sign means.  It’s telling people not to smoke.”

“Oh, cause they don’t want people to be on fire, right?”


And no, I didn’t just leave it at that.  I did take the time to explain what cigarettes are, that some people smoke them, and that they aren’t good for our bodies and can make us sick. 


The Students Wife said...

What a perfect opportunity to explain that to him! I love how curious kids are about EVERYTHING :)

Staci said...

This is so funny! When I had him in the car today he asked me what a handicapped parking sign said! I had a time explaining that one!! :)

Shannon said...

I kind of like his literally translation of the sign. Makes perfect sense! :)

Jenny said...

Ha! I love that he's not shy in asking other people questions too.

Oh, and the next time he asks me a hard question, I'm just going to tell him to go ask Ms. Staci! ;)

Katherine said...

I LOVE getting little peeks into how my kids minds work like that. Your boy is quite the little smarty lol

Sue said...

Found you on SITS. That is cute. Sounds like a great teaching moment :)

The Dose of Reality said...

Super smart and a great way to teach him! :) Stopping by from SITS.