Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rocketship Thank You Notes

Along with a birthday party, comes the need to write thank you notes.

My mailing supplies drawer yielded nothing that would work for a 4 year old’s birthday thank yous.

Instead of going to the store to buy new thank you notes, I decided that Trenton would make his own!


We stuck with the outer space theme that we did his birthday party in.

I cut the black construction paper to size and cut white pieces of cardstock for the inside of the cards while Trenton started working on cutting rocket pieces and writing letters on them.


Once we had written all of the thank you notes, Trenton signed his name on each one. 

Who knew that the name Trenton had so many spellings?


Once the rocketship and cardstock had been glued down and dried, Trenton put the finishing touches on the cards by adding stars.


Trenton loved the thank you notes!  He was sad that he had to give them away.  He has one more to make, and I told him that then he could make a rocketship for himself with his name on it (with the correct spelling!).


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Joyce Lansky said...

Those are sweet notes, plus you are teaching him the importance of thanking people for gifts.