Monday, February 25, 2013

Seven Years

Seven years.

That’s how long it has been since this day.


It sure doesn’t feel like that long, but I guess looking back, it really has been.

1st Anniversary – Chiang Mai, Thailand (this was actually a month after our actual anniversary because Jarrod was out to sea on our actual anniversary)

2nd Anniversary – Singapore (the sub’s port visit coincided with our anniversary!)

3rd Anniversary – We had a new little guy in the house who was causing us sleep deprivation, and I have absolutely no clue what we did for our anniversary this year.  I think we might have gone out to dinner???

4th Anniversary – Jarrod was deployed, but I got to spend the day with my little man!

5th Anniversary – Navy Supply Corps Ball – Virginia Beach

6th Anniversary – Carnival Triumph shore excursion in Progresso, Mexico

But seven years, six houses, three cars, one dog, and two kids later – here we are!

7th Anniversary – Wine Tasting and Dinner – Monterey, CA

And here’s to many, many more anniversaries to come!


Emily said...

Happy Anniversary!! Y'all are a beautiful couple!!!

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary! I love this post. You've made the most of those anniversaries. It looks like you have never spent your anniversary in the same place. Look at all the wonderful places you have celebrated due to your military lifestyle. Definitely a perk! Congrats again!

Schoessow Family said...

Congrats you guys!

Jamie said...

Cheers to many, many more.

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :)

Shannon said...

Awww- happy anniversary! I love the time line. (And the monkeys in the back of pic #2 was definitely my favorite! Hee!!)

Emma said...

what a wonderful tribute to your relationship! so glad you stopped by my blog :)


Mrs. K said...

Happy Anniversary! I love all these pictures- what a blessing to be able to travel a lot on your special day. We never make a big deal out of our anniversary since it's so close to christmas. One year, I had hives from an allergic reaction to something I ate. THAT was memorable ;)

KC @ genxfinance said...

Happy Anniversary guys. Thanks for sharing your journey and adventures with us. More power to your blog.

Sarah said...

Awwww!! Happy Anniversary (a day late)! What a fun post to reminisce on all the anniversary locations. Looks like you've had some fun ones!

I'll Love You Forever said...

Aw, so sweet! Happy Anniversary! I loved see all the pics. Have a great day!

Natalie Hinkley said...

Happy Anniversary!! You have been to such cool places!! :)

tara caldwell said...

Happy Anniversary! Y'all look so happy in love! Thanks for the follow. Your family is so cute!

Sara Hinton said...

Happy anniversary!! Found you through the GFC hop! :)
-Sara @ The Hinton Hook-Up

Natasha Hoover said...

Congrats! Seeing your lead photo for the post made me smile - my man is on deployment right now and I can't wait to see him come home in his fancy dress whites! I miss him a lot, but he's worth every minute of waiting.