Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Review: A First Date, Pink Eye, & Valentines

Our weekend got off to a fabulous start.  Friday evening the kids and I met Jarrod down at school and went to a promotion party for a couple of friends.  There were appetizers, drinks for the adults (and stuff for the kids too), and cake.  Check out Kate’s blog for a picture that showcases my son stuffing his face full of cake with both hands.  Who needs a fork?

There was even a popcorn machine.  All of the kids LOVED the popcorn machine.

Charlotte ate a bowl of popcorn, and after she finished, she snuggled right up to Bennett on the steps.  It wasn’t long before he was feeding her!

First Date
Unofficial first date?  Kate has a cute (not iPhone quality) picture of this on her blog too.

Congratulations to Kevin and Drew, and thanks for inviting us out to celebrate with you guys!

I dropped Jarrod and the kids at home after the party, and then went to pick a friend up for a supply officer spouses get together.  It was great meeting new wives.  Hopefully we will all get together again soon!

Saturday morning was spent cleaning up around the house: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.

After lunch Jarrod took the kids out to the playground.  When they got back, the kids were more than ready for quiet time in their room.  Charlotte actually fell asleep, and when she woke up her eyes were crusted over with goop.  Not even thirty minutes later both eyes were really red.  She had been battling a runny nose the latter part of the week, so I knew that it was pink eye.  Charlotte’s doctor called in a prescription for her, but since it was getting late in the evening, it wouldn’t be ready until Sunday morning.  Thankfully Charlotte didn’t seem to be bothered by her eyes, and was acting pretty normal.

Sunday was another day spent around the house since we couldn’t get Charlotte out.  I went and picked up her eye drops (ugh, giving an almost 3 year old eye drops IS NOT fun!).

Then we got to work on valentines for the kids to hand out at preschool.

He had to write his name on 25 valentines – pretty good practice!

You’re a Star in My Eyes
Forever Folding Laundry

I “Wheelie” Like You
Toddler Approved

Charlotte and I are off to see the doctor tomorrow.  I’m hoping that she’s back to being healthy soon!


Shannon said...

I pop by your blog and see a picture of handsome little Bennett snuggling up to your adorable daughter.

You won me over. Consider me a new follower!

Shannon said...

Also - those are some awesome valentines. Your kids are the "cool kids".

My Traveling Troop said...

Awww! The photo of Charlotte & Bennet is ADORABLE!

I also heart the Valentine ideas for kids! Thanks for sharing!


Ari said...

Those valentines are great! And btw I feel for your little girl I still can't stand putting eye drops in my eye & practically go through a whole bottle trying to get a couple drops in my eye lol

Jenny said...

And now BOTH kids have pink eye! It sounds like a pack of screaming hyenas in my house when it's eye drop time!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Way to make all the moms who bought jelly beans at Target feel bad about your creative valentine's. :p

Jenny said...

Ha! But Trenton was so excited about his jellybeans!!!

Jenny said...

Ha! I'd say that Charlotte has good taste in boys. Bennett is a cutie for sure!