Monday, February 18, 2013

Who Needs Training Wheels?

Not this kid!


We got Trenton a Strider Balance Bike for his second birthday.  He didn’t use it a whole lot the first year he had it, but once we moved here, he wanted to ride it all the time.  And it wasn’t long before he really got the hang of staying balanced on it.

Trenton had gotten so good at balancing that we thought it was time for him to move up to a big bike.  So yesterday after church, we headed up to Salinas to Toys-R-Us so that Trenton could pick one out.

He was super excited to pick a bike, but made sure to tell me and Jarrod that he didn’t want “those extra wheels.”

We got home, changed clothes, took the training wheels off of the new bike, and headed over to a little circle track at the community center.

Trenton did pretty good, but he did have a little trouble pedaling, keeping his balance, and taking curves all at the same time.


We decided to move down to a nearly empty parking lot to let Trenton practice just going straight.

And he picked it up in no time!


I’d like to say that we made it through our first day of learning to ride a bike without any bumps or bruises, but someone wasn’t so lucky.

Sprained Ankle

Don’t worry though, Charlotte has been giving Daddy’s ankle plenty of kisses.  I’m sure he’ll be good as new in no time! 


Jen said...

He looks so happy and OUCH that ankle looks like it hurts.

Mrs. K said...

Go Trenton, Go! Poor Dad ;)

Traci Hall said...

Yay Trenton!! Way to go!! How exciting! And he looks adorable in his helmet! :)