Monday, March 18, 2013

A Berry Fun Birthday Party

Soon after Trenton’s birthday back in January, I asked Charlotte what kind of birthday party she wanted.  First she said that she wanted a giraffe party.  Then she wanted an elephant party. 

She finally decided on a party theme to stick to.  A strawberry party.


We had her party today in the multi purpose room at the rec center down the street from our house.


We are so thankful to have made such wonderful friends here!  Thanks for helping us celebrate our little girl’s special day!

We had a great time, but every party has to come to an end at some point…

3rd Birthday Party


Shannon said...

Awwww- what a sweet idea. (pun intended!)

I love her cake/pie? Looks so yummy!

Jen said...

How fun! I love the theme. :)

I'll Love You Forever said...

So so adorable! Love the theme, great pictures!

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

WOW! What a great theme. The decorations and snacks look amazing!!! The last picture is too cute!

Mrs.B said...

That's such an awesome theme!!