Thursday, March 14, 2013


I read about an iPhone app called iBehave about a month ago.  For $0.99, I decided to give it a try.

Trenton and Charlotte each helped set up their own marble jars.  They got to pick color combos and the “prizes” that they wanted to win when they filled their jars.

iBehave CharlotteiBehave Trenton

Multiple children can be added to the app.  And each jar can be set with a different number of marbles to work toward.  I like the fact that a passcode can be set so that sneaky kids can’t add marbles to their jars while Mommy isn’t looking! 

While these jars haven’t made my kids into total angels, I have seen a difference in their behavior.  No, they don’t always listen, and we still have those evenings where Jarrod and I are so ready for them to get in bed, but getting marbles added to their jars to work toward a reward seems to be pretty good incentive to think about their behavior.

So far Charlotte has been rewarded with a donut, a new book, and paint for the bathtub (washable water colors).  She is now working toward getting a princess game for the iPad.  Trenton has gotten an ice cream cone, an iPad game, paint for the bathtub, and is currently working toward getting to pick a box of cereal at the commissary.

Bathtub PaintBathtub Paint 2

There are two main areas that we’ve seen the most improvement.

1) The kids to actually stay in bed and be quiet once we tuck them in at night.  I should probably add some more stair climbing to my workout routine since I’m not climbing as much at night!

2) The promise of getting a marble has also helped my super picky eater try new foods!  Trenton is a crazy picky eater, but since using iBehave, he has tried broccoli, crasins, strawberries and cream oatmeal, celery, potatoes, volcano meatloaf, and more!

 Volcano Meatloaf

Now Trenton hasn’t liked everything that he’s tried, but he does now have a favorite vegetable.  It may be the only vegetable that he eats, but this momma is happy about it! 

This momma gives iBehave two thumbs up! 


Jen said...

That ibehave app is really cool!

Mrs. K said...

There's an app for everything, isn't there? I've been wanting to try the watercolors in the bath. I stumbled across a "recipe" for it on pinterest.

I'll Love You Forever said...

That is great! I should try that app out, my boy is such a picky eater too. Glad that you like the app. Definitely seems worth the .99 :) The kids are so cute! Love the bath paint pictures!

Betty Boop said...

Interesting! I am LWML blog hop. Went back a few posts, your children seem to be excellent cooks. You must have lots of patience.

Jamie said...

What a fun app for them! Anything that works even a little is a success in my books!

Amy Kay said...

What a cool app! I will have to remember that when my son gets a little bigger!

I am visiting from your comment on my blog, and will be following as well :)