Friday, March 15, 2013

On the Mend

This is what most of our week has looked like.

sick charlotte

Charlotte cuddled up with mommy and frozen bunnies to try to bring soaring fevers down.

Tuesday morning while I was making a dessert to take to our little playgroup’s St. Patrick’s Day party, Charlotte was playing around with a box that she converted into her cozy little house.  She kept saying that Princess Charlotte needed to take a nap, but I thought she was just playing pretend.  Well, when I finished my dessert I went over to lay down with her in her box house.  And she was warm.  I checked her temperature, and sure enough she had a fever.

I let our playgroup friends know that Charlotte was sick.  Luckily the party was just a block from our house, and one of my friends came and walked Trenton down to the playground so that he wouldn’t have to miss out on the fun.  And so that I wouldn’t eat this whole rainbow by myself.

rainbow fruit cookie
Be sure to check out Traci’s blog and Kate’s blog for pictures from the party!

Tuesday evening I took Charlotte to see the pediatrician.  It didn’t take long for a urine sample to show that it looked like Charlotte had another urinary tract infection. 

Charlotte got her first dose of the antibiotic that night.  And then her fever spiked to over 104 degrees.

Wednesday morning her fever was down some, but by afternoon, it had spiked again.  And it wasn’t just fever.  It was chills and shaking too.  Talk about scaring a momma half to death!

By yesterday morning, Charlotte’s fever was just low grade.  But it never totally went away.  Even though she was on an antibiotic.

Late this afternoon we found out why.  Charlotte’s urine culture grew out a strain of bacteria that is resistant to the antibiotic that she’s been on since Tuesday. 

So, we are on a new antibiotic now and hoping that our little princess is on the mend.  Especially since she happens to have a birthday coming up….


Jen said...

I hope she is on the mend, poor thing!

Traci Hall said...

Poor thing :( I really hope she feels better so we can all celebrate her turning 3! Sending well wishes your way! Lots of rest!

Marie said...

Hope she's feeling better. I love the Rainbow Snack!

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

Oh No. I hope she is feeling better. Nobody likes being sick.

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh - poor thing. I really hope she's on the up and up.