Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend Review: Camping and St. Patty’s Day

Now that we’ve recovered from Sunday’s birthday festivities, I thought I’d share the rest of our weekend with y’all. 

Friday night Jarrod and Trenton went on their first camping trip together.  They met up with a couple of other friends and stayed the night at Laguna Seca Raceway campgrounds.  Charlotte was going to camp too, but since she was just getting over being sick, I decided to keep her at home.  But that didn’t mean that we couldn’t have some fun of our own!


Trenton came home Saturday morning with tons of stories of how much fun he had camping with his friends and Daddy.  He was so proud of the pictures that he took with his little Fisher Price camera.

To see pictures taken by an adult, check out Kate’s blog.

We will definitely have to take a family camping trip soon!

Saturday afternoon we went to a St. Patrick’s Day party at Traci & Steven’s house.  Steven made some delicious corned beef and cabbage.  (If you know me, you probably know that I didn’t touch the cabbage, but I did eat the potatoes and carrots and they were yummy!)  And with a group full of breast feeding and pregnant moms, this chick automatically became the sole member of Team Girl when it became Irish Car Bomb time.

Visit Traci’s blog for more pictures from the party.

Great friends + great food + great drinks = a great party!

And another magnificent Monterey weekend went down in the books!


Traci Hall said...

Love it!! Trenton's camping pictures are awesome! We had a great time with them! Steven wanted to camp with Charli so bad! Haha! And thanks for representing the girls in the car bomb shots!!! If only I could drink beer I would have been right there with ya!! Haha!! :)

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

I declare Charlotte the big winner of the weekend. She got to eat s'mores but didn't have to sleep outside!! Awesome selfie by Trenton, he'll be on Instagram in no time :)

Mrs. K said...

Love his photos. So cute! Happy St. Patrick's Day a little late.

Shannon said...

I love reading these stories from your perspective and from Kate's. Very fun!

Mrs.B said...

His pictures are the best!

smk053078 said...

I would have joined your Team Girl Team if I were there! Wow so many babies and pregnant ladies!! Looks like you guys had fun. So sweet you and your daughter made smore while the boys were away camping!

KC @ genxfinance said...

What is she eating? That looks yummy.. And it looks like you guys had a great St Patty's Day weekend. :)

Munchkins and the Military said...

St Patty's looks like an absolute blast!
Those are some great pics from a Fisher Price camera..

Jen said...

How fun!!!!! :) Wonderful pictures. :)