Thursday, April 11, 2013

Full of Hot Air

Okay, is there anyone out there who has somehow missed this girl’s big belly?

Air Filled Belly

Charlotte has always had a belly.  (Well except when she was 5 pounds, 5 ounces, but she packed on the pounds quickly.)

We started noticing a difference in her belly a couple months ago.

Charlotte wakes up in the morning with a normal looking belly, but as the day progresses, it gets bigger and bigger.  It’s like watching a balloon inflate!

So when we went to Charlotte’s three year well-check a couple weeks ago, I asked the pediatrician about it.

He tapped on her belly, pushed it, poked it, and said that it felt like air.  Maybe she was constipated he said.

She has not shown any signs of pooping problems (the other kid has those, so we know what they look like), but we went with the doctor’s recommendations.

We saw no change in Charlotte’s belly.  All milk of magnesia and miralax got us was clean up duty on aisle four.

So back to the doctor we went earlier this week.  The pediatrician that we saw last time wasn’t available, so we were seeing someone else.

This doctor agreed that it was air in Charlotte’s tummy, but he also wanted to check and make sure there were no underlying issues.

Off we went to the hospital for an X-ray.


When the technician told me that Charlotte needed to stand still and hold her breath to get the images needed, I was sure that we were in for a rough time.

Charlotte hold still?  And I had no idea if she even knew how to hold her breath.

But Charlotte surprised me.  It only took two tries and we were done.  Charlotte was a little bummed that she wasn’t able to say CHEESE for the big camera, but got over that quickly.

Charlotte and I had barely made it out of the parking lot when the pediatrician called me.  He had already gotten the results from the radiologist.

I was extremely happy to hear that we weren’t dealing with any masses or tumors.  The doctor told me that there was a massive amount of air in Charlotte’s stomach though.

So now the thinking is that Charlotte is swallowing air (a condition called Aerophagia).  And because she doesn’t belch or pass gas often, the air doesn’t make it’s way out until she is sleeping (which is why her tummy looks normal in the morning when she wakes up).

We don’t see Charlotte walking around gulping air, so we really don’t know how or why she is swallowing air.

The doctor thinks that allergies could possibly be the culprit.  If Charlotte has a stuffy nose and is breathing through her mouth, she could be taking in excess air that way.  I have taken away all straw cups and sippy cups too.  We will use them when on the road or out and about, but at home we’re sticking to regular cups.  I’ve also left a message with Charlotte’s kidney doctors to see if the Aerophagia could in any way be linked to her reflux and UTI problems.

We’re hoping to get this figured out soon.  Not only does the air give Charlotte tummy cramps, but it is getting hard to clothe the child.  I may have to find some kiddie suspenders soon to hold her pants up!


Jen said...

Oh wow, hopefully you get it all figured out soon. I can only imagine how uncomfortable that must be for her.

Shannon said...

Oh my - and here I made a comment about it on your latest post. I'm super glad it's nothing serious, and to be honest, you have me questioning if Taylor may have something similar. She's only 50% for her weight but she can barely fit in 2T t-shirts because of her belly at 18 months.

Keep me posted on this and I hope that Charlotte's belly problems go away soon!

Maria @ Life on M Avenue said...

Interesting.. I've never heard of that, but glad to hear it doesn't seem to be causing her pain. And I'm glad you can keep it lighthearted with the suspenders. :)

Ashley said...

Poor kid! Glad they were able to figure out what was causing the distended belly, though!! Hopefully they can provide some relief soon!!

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