Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Review: Date Night, Lazy Saturday, and Hiking Big Sur

Jarrod and I were excited to start the weekend off with a date night.

We started out at Taste of Monterey on Cannery Row for a quick wine tasting, and then walked over to the Sardine Factory for dinner.

sardine factory - Monterey, CA

I had heard many good things about Sardine Factory, so I was really looking forward to our dinner.

And the food lived up to expectations.

The problem was that I could only make it halfway through dinner before my stomach started getting queasy.  I tried to make it through the entire dinner, but I just couldn’t.  Jarrod had the waiter box up my food, and we headed home early.  We got home before the kids were even asleep!

I still wasn’t feeling 100% on Saturday, so we stayed close to home.

Jarrod mowed the lawn, cutthroat games of Cootie and Trouble were played, I worked on sifting through toys that the kids don’t play with any more, the kids had fun with Play-doh outside, we had playground time, and spent the rest of our time taking it easy.


Yesterday morning came, and I was feeling better.  We decided to drive down to Big Sur for some hiking after church.

Our drive took a little longer than expected and we got to the trailhead for Partington Cove a little after our normal lunchtime. 

So we had a little picnic in the back of the car!


Then we got started down the trail.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CAPartington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CAPartington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

I’m glad I had these guys there to tell me which way to go! 

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

In the late 1800s, Partington Cove served as a loading point for harvested bark from tanbark oak trees.  To get to the cove, the bark had to be pulled down the canyon by mules and through a 60 foot tunnel.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CAPartington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CAPartington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

The picturesque cove greeted us when we came out of the tunnel.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

We came upon another group hikers and overheard the guy that was leading the group mention that a few months ago, a mother grey whale and her calf came up into the cove to stay safe from a pod of orcas.  Of course my kids just had to see if they could spot any whales today.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CAPartington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

But, they didn’t see anything.

And to the grandmas - before you pick up the phone, your grandbabies were in no danger in these pictures.  It wasn’t the steep drop-off that it looks like.

After visiting the cove, we went back through the tunnel and down a trail that took us to a little rocky beach were a creek ran into the ocean.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

The kids loved the creek.  Charlotte washed her hands over and over while Trenton liked moving rocks around to see how it changed the way the water flowed.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CAPartington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

Next, we followed the trail up the creek and into the forest. 

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

We found a nice large area to have a seat and rest.  The trail went up a bit farther, but other hikers told us that it would be really hard for the kids to get through.  Jarrod stayed back with the kids while I went to find the little waterfall at the end of the trail.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

The waterfall wasn’t very far up the trail, and when I got back we spent some more time snacking and playing.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CAPartington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

It wasn’t long before the kids were asking for a story.  They are constantly asking for Jarrod and me to make up stories for them.

Make believe stories from Mommy and Daddy captivate them.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

They love everything.  Dinosaurs, sharks, volcanoes, pirates….no stories seem to scare these kids.

Unless it’s a giant boulder-sized roly-poly rolling down the hill.

Partington Cove Trail - Big Sur, CA

I guess there won’t be any more giant roly-poly stories in the future.

After our rest, we climbed our way up the big hill back up to our car.

We really enjoyed our hike, and were happy to cap the weekend off with a fun adventure (even the ride home was an adventure of its own with Mommy almost getting sick on the curvy road and Daddy, who was driving, losing a contact between the seats).

Life’s always an adventure!


Traci Hall said...

Haha!!! Love it!! So glad the hike was a great one!! :)

The Romer Family said...

What a gorgeous trail! This post is making me miss the beach!

Jen said...

Such a gorgeous trail! I loved playing the game Cootie haha, it was so fun. :)

Shannon said...

I kept thinking "oh, this pic is my fav. no this pic. no this pic." what awesome pictures of your adventure out on Sunday.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

What a beautiful place for a hike! I love your photos and an now following from the blog hop :-)

Sara said...

What beautiful pictures and and even more beautiful family! Cooties are a big favorite in our hosue too :) Thanks for linking up today, commenting and following from

Marie said...

The photos are awesome! OH and I love reading your blogs. :)

Jelli said...

This looks like so much fun & you've captured it with great photos! I love picnics (in the car or elsewhere) and hiking is a great way to get fresh air and exercise. So glad you could spend some quality family time outdoors.