Friday, May 31, 2013

Ice Art Experiment

With school out for the summer, we are looking for ways to keep busy.

This week we did a project that rolled art and science all into one.

Ice Art Experiment

We started Wednesday night by filling a couple balloons with water.

We measured them and then stuck them in the freezer for the night.

Ice Art Experiment

I asked the kids what they thought would happen when we put the balloons in the freezer.  Trenton said that he thought that the water inside the balloon would freeze into ice and that it would make the balloon grow bigger.

Yesterday morning, he was excited to see that his hypothesis was right!

Ice Art ExperimentDSC_7460_1

Trenton really liked seeing that there was water inside the ice since his didn’t freeze solid.

He sprinkled salt on the ice and listened to the ice crack.

Ice Art Experiment

Then he got to work making his ice into a masterpiece with food coloring.

Ice Art ExperimentIce Art ExperimentIce Art Experiment

It was so pretty!  Too bad it didn’t last long!

Today, Charlotte got to do the same thing with her ice balloon.

Ice Art ExperimentIce Art Experiment

Since her balloon stayed in the freezer an extra day, it was frozen solid.  It was neat to see the difference in how the salt and food coloring took to the ice.

Ice Art Experiment

Ice Art Experiment

One week of summer vacation down – nine to go!


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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beach Bums

We still have a little over a year left here in Monterey, but there’s always talk of where we might end up next.

Hopefully, for the sake of these two beach bums, we wind up close to the beach again!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Magic Tree House

Are there any Magic Tree House readers in the house?

The Easter Bunny brought Trenton the first four Magic Tree House books.  Both he and Charlotte loved them!

After reading the books from the Easter Bunny, we started checking out more Jack & Annie stories at the library.  We’re currently working on book #12.

Since the kids are such big fans of the Magic Tree House series, I decided to make them their very own magic tree house.

DIY Magic Tree House

We don’t have any trees in our yard, so I went with an indoor tree house.

Grocery bags, tape, and some tree limbs = a cheap and easy project.

I threw some of the kids books into the tree house, and it was ready!

DIY Magic Tree House

“Jack” and “Annie” have been playing in this all day pretending to venture to outerspace, a construction site, the ocean, a volcano, Noah’s ark, the time of the dinosaurs, a fire station, and back to the frog creek woods.

DIY Magic Tree House

“Jack” even had his backpack and his notepad and pen for note taking.

DIY Magic Tree House

Ta ta for now, my friends.  I am hopping in that tree house and sending myself to a tropical island!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of Preschool: 2012-2013

How can it already be the end of the school year?  I feel like it was just yesterday I was watching my two walk into preschool hand in hand.  Trenton for his second year of preschool and Charlotte for her first.

photo 2

And today, they walked hand in hand into preschool for the last time this school year.

Last Day of Preschool

Its amazing how much they have changed in the past nine months.



The kids were really excited to give their teachers the gifts that they made them.

Teacher Gifts: Thanks for making me one smart cookie!

And they were equally delighted that we made a double batch of our oatmeal chocolate chip cookies so that we could eat some too!


Now to find stuff to keep these two busy for the summer….

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Girls Gone Wild

Someone was not interested in fielding at Saturday’s t-ball game.

Instead, Charlotte came up with a new way to wear her uniform.

tball fashion

And you can probably imagine that the shirt did not stay at this level for long. 

Yep, my three year old flashed everyone on the t-ball field!

I’m hoping that when college spring break rolls around, Charlotte chooses to come home, work, or go on a humanitarian trip for the week.

Because I sure don’t want her to wind up on Girls Gone Wild.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finger Lickin’ Good

Yesterday Jarrod, the kids, and I, along with some friends, went up to San Juan Bautista for their annual Rib Cookoff.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this small town’s cookoff, but this thing was big time!


These teams were from multiple states and many had tables of trophies from previous cookoffs on display.

And boy did they know how to cook!


Charlotte loved sharing ribs and brisket with Mommy and Daddy!  Meanwhile, Trenton ate a PB&J that we brought from home…

But, the kid does like ice cream!

Ice Cream T

Charlotte had to have ice cream too.  After taking two licks, she proceeded to tell me that I needed to put the ice cream part in the trash because she just wanted the cone.

Ice Cream C

BBQ, southern rock music, craft vendors – this cookoff had everything!


Even a random chicken crossing the road holding up traffic!

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Review: Four Days of Celebrating

Our weekend was full of reasons to celebrate.

First was Friday when we celebrated the fact that two new baby boys will soon be making their way into this world.


And here are the two lovely ladies who are carrying them.


A fun afternoon with good friends, an adorable little baby that is moving too soon (sweet Charli and her family are moving to the East Coast in three days!), super cute baby gifts, and a few momma gifts too!


Saturday started with t-ball.

Aren’t these two just too cute?

photo 1

This was the bottom of the last (3rd) inning after 2 1/2 innings of doing a great job!

After lunch it was time more celebrating.

This time is was for the birthdays of two of our favorite little guys.


Cullen and Bennett – we sure are going to miss you (and your Mommy and Daddy) when you move in a few weeks!

On to Mother’s Day.

Gosh, I love these two.  Even when they happen to be cranky.

photo 2

The kids did great in church, and then we were off to brunch at From Scratch in Carmel.  This was Trenton’s pick; they have Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.  They also have oodles of other tasty food, so everyone was happy!

The kids gave me the Mother’s Day gifts that they made in preschool while we were at brunch.  Charlotte made me a cute little tulip brooch and a handprint poem.  From Trenton, I got a picture that he drew of me along with three Hershey kisses.  Perfect, he told me, for himself, Charlotte, and me to share before our food came out!  Such a thoughtful kid!

photo (1)

Speaking of Mother’s Day gifts, the kids (including the dog) made cards for their grandmothers last week.  Trenton insisted on making one for Nanny too and sending it to Heaven.  I told him that we couldn’t send mail to Heaven, but we could send it to Mimi instead, and she would put it at Nanny’s grave for us.


Sunday afternoon, we all donned boots (except for Trenton – boots make him cranky) and headed down to Carmel Valley to meet some friends at the new Cowgirl Winery.

Cowgirl Winery

The kids get just as excited as Mommy about visiting wineries.  And it’s easy to see why.


In addition to all of this fun, the kids also checked out the winery’s resident chickens and tried to catch tadpoles in the fountain using glasses. 

You would think after all that fun, they would have been beat.

But no.  This was 45 minutes past bedtime.

past bedtime

They finally fell asleep and my fourth Mother’s Day as a mommy came to a close.

Now, Monday isn’t part of the weekend, but I’m throwing it in this week because – you guessed it – more celebrating!

Today was the little miss Alivia’s second birthday.


Cupcakes and cookies – can a Monday get any better?


The cutest three princess cookie decorators around!


And with that, our celebration “weekend” came to a close.  Another good one down in the books!