Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Berry Picking

If you haven’t noticed, we kind of like pick your own farms around here.

We’ve picked blueberries in at College Run Farms in Virginia, and here in California, we’ve picked strawberries and apples at Gizdich Ranch, cherries at Buckley Cherries, and now we went back to Gizdich to pick ollalieberries.

I’m pretty sure that the ollalieberry picking was my favorite out of everything that we’ve picked.


Remember how we found bluebonnets (called lupines in California) earlier in the spring?  Back in Texas spring brings bluebonnets and these sweet little berries called dewberries.  I picked dewberries with WaWa every spring growing up.  Dewberry picking was my favorite springtime activity.  Even when I didn’t like eating them.  When I was really little, WaWa tried to get to get me to taste dewberries by telling me that they tasted like M&Ms.  Well, dewberries are sweet, but they are no M&Ms – especially not to a preschooler.

Anyway, just like bluebonnets are called lupines in California, dewberries are called ollalieberries here.

So we set out over the weekend to pick some.

Charlotte fell asleep on our way to Gizdich, so she and Jarrod hung out in the car while Trenton and I got a head start picking.


Saying that Trenton is a picky eater is an understatement.  I wasn’t sure if I could even get him to try an ollalieberry.  But he finally decided to taste one.  I watched as he slowly chewed and then started jumping (normally a sign that he doesn’t like something and wants to hurry up and swallow it so he can get a drink).  All of then sudden, he started yelling out “YUM! YUM! YUM!”.  He now says that ollalieberries are his favorite fruit and are sweeter than strawberries.  He even asked me if they have ollieberries in Heaven.  He wanted to make sure he could eat them forever and ever!

Once Charlotte woke up, she and Jarrod came over to help Trenton and me with the picking.


Trenton gave Charlotte pointers on berry picking: only pick the purple ones – the red ones aren’t ready yet, watch out for thorns, look down low in the places that grown ups miss, and don’t wipe the berry juice on your clothes.


Both kids did a great job picking, but I’m pretty sure more went in their mouths than in their buckets!


But we still had plenty of berries to bring home!


And we’ve been busy with our berries.


We’ve made two pies already, and still have a gallon of berries in the freezer!  I’m thinking that jelly is next on our list!


Jen said...

So jealous! This looks amazing.

Shannon said...

Just awesome. Tay loves dewberries, so I'd love to take her. Especially since she rocked at strawberry picking.

I'll have to give Taylor all of Trenton's tips! ;)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Yumm!! We used to do this at my cousin's house all the time. Those pies look amazing! You will have to share the recipe :)

Nicole said...

And now I know what an ollalieberry is! Cute pictures!

Ashley said...

Yum -- these look good. Are they similar to blackberries?! We just got a bunch from our CSA and other than a cobbler, I have no idea what we are going to do with them!

Jess T said...

I have been a lurker of your blog for some time. I wanted to say that this post makes me want to pick some ollalieberries and make a pie :)I enjoy reading your blog! Thank you for the wonderful posts!

Mrs. T @ My Front Porch

I'll Love You Forever said...

How awesome is that! I just read a blog post of another friend who just went berry picking! It makes me want to go so bad, haha. Cute pictures! The pie looks yummy!