Sunday, July 14, 2013

Charlotte’s Medical Stuff

If you remember back to last month, after yet another UTI, Charlotte’s pediatrician and pediatric nephrologist decided to refer her to a pediatric urologist.

We met with the urologist for the first time at the beginning of this month and had an ultrasound of Charlotte’s kidneys done.

Friday we went up to the children’s hospital at Stanford for another test and another meeting with the urologist.

The test that Charlotte needed was a VCUG.  She had this test done when she was 11 months old, so I knew what to expect, but she didn’t.

But the hospital’s child life specialist had a little class for Charlotte to teach her what was going to happen during the VCUG and what Charlotte’s job during the test was.


X-ray photos would be taken of Charlotte’s urinary tract after she laid down on the table.  Then a catheter would empty her bladder and insert a contrast dye.  Whenever Charlotte felt like she needed to pee, she was supposed to let everyone know so the techs could grab more pictures of her urinating.

The class didn’t make Charlotte like the VCUG (there was quite a bit of screaming and crying involved), but she knew what she was supposed to do, and she did it!

After the test, we walked across the street to the medical clinic for our appointment with the urologist.  She explained to Jarrod and I that Charlotte had grade 1 vesicoureteral reflux one side (grading is done on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most severe) with urine refluxing partway up the ureter.  This is exactly what Charlotte had when she was first diagnosed at 11 months old.  The other side was a grade 3 though with urine refluxing all the way into Charlotte’s kidney.  This is why she’s been getting such bad infections the past year.

The urologist told us with the frequency and intensity of Charlotte’s infections, coupled with the VCUG findings, Charlotte would need surgery to fix the reflux problem.

I am waiting to hear from the schedulers, but Charlotte will most likely be scheduled for ureteral reimplantation surgery sometime in September.  Both ureters will be detached and reattached at different places on the bladder.  The surgery will involve a 2-3 day hospitalization.  It has a 99% success rate, and we’re praying that it fixes Charlotte’s UTI problems once and for all!  


Traci@TheHallway said...

Poor thing... She has been through so much, and I hope that this solves the problem and she doesn't have to worry about this anymore! We will be thinking of you guys and pray everything goes perfectly and smoothly!

Jen said...

Poor girl!! Praying that the surgery is scheduled soon and that all goes smoothly.

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Oh no! I'm glad they figured out what is was. Praying that everything goes as planned!!!

Shannon said...

Wow. I'm so sorry she is going through all this but it sounds like you are in really good hands and this is going to be great in the long-run.

I can't imagine having to see your pretty little girl going through the pain AND then the discomfort of surgery, but she seems like such a trooper.

Good luck with everything!

I'll Love You Forever said...

Poor little thing! That makes me sad, but I am so glad the surgery is 99 % success rate. Good luck!

Mrs.B said...

She's such a strong little girl!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Ugh, so sorry she has to go through all of this! It looks like she's in good hands though, what a great way to explain a procedure to a kid. Glad to hear she has such a great prognosis!