Monday, August 19, 2013

Out of the Mouths

You just never know what is going to pop out of the mouths of little kids.  They seriously say the funniest things!  Little kids should have their own late night TV show.

So, since I’ll never be able to remember all of the funny things that my kids say, I decided to post them here so that I can look back at them (and use them to embarrass my kids when they’re older!).  And so that you guys can see them too!

Charlotte will be in purple text and Trenton will be in green.

Who put this apple in my puzzle box?  I didn’t do it.
It not me.
Well it wasn’t me, so it had to be you!
It not me!  It was Mystery.  Why Mystery like messing up our stuff?

I don’t like dancing naked girls.  I like clothes wearing girls.
(I will be showing this to Trenton down the road and reminding him that dancing naked girls are no good.)

photo (1)

(Trenton had been whining for red grapes for 15 minutes)
Trenton, we are all out of grapes.  And if you can’t stop whining about it, I’m going to make you go upstairs.
You making him go upstairs with al-ah-kazam magic?


My pee pee won’t come out.  Maybe it sleeping.  My pee pee already have its pajamies on, and brush its teeth, and have playroom time, and now it sleeping.  My pee pee sooooo sleepy.  That’s why it not coming out.

How many times do I have to tell you, Charlotte?
Five.  And you only on two.

God made this world and made rules for us.  Like no keeping the things that other people get first.  That’s his rule.  So you need to give me that puzzle piece back because I had it first.

When can we get a cat?
You’ll have to ask Daddy.
We don’t need to ask Daddy!  We can just go to the pet store!

Trenton, why you doin’ this?  You are four!  You supposed to listen!

Mommy, does this cabin have a ka-grage?
No, it doesn’t.
Well then where do we go to get more toilet paper when we run out?


Mommy, you forgot your eye lipstick.  You know we HAVE to remember eye lipstick!
(I must look really rough without makeup for my three year old to notice when I’m not wearing eye liner!)

Is 16 a grown up?
No, but when you’re 16 you can start driving.  Do you want to drive a car or a truck?  Or maybe a jeep?
I want to drive a truck.  Like an ice cream truck.


Thanks, Kate, for letting me steal your idea giving me the idea to put these funny quips on the blog!  If you’re up for more laughs, check out her funny family posts here.


Jen said...

Haha the ice cream truck one is awesome!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

haha I love that you started this! My favorite is wondering where the toilet paper is going to stay with out a garage. Today Cullen told me "The baby was crying, but I petted him on the brain and then he was better."

Jenn said...

These are hilarious!! Good thing he realized the truth about dancing naked girls early on. lol ;)

Hana R said...

These are great! I wish I could remember all the random funny things my daughter says! I should start paying better attention and writing them down from now on.

Shannon said...

These are awesome. I lol'd several times. I'm particularly fond of T not liking naked dancing girls. Good boy. ;)

Mrs.B said...

hahaha these are great! Love naked dancing girl comment!

Miranda Pridgeon said...

I started doing this for all the funny things my little sister said! My favorite is when I said "I love when stuff like that happens." and she replied with "I love when pickles hug me." They really do say the funniest things!

Ashley said...

I love Charlotte's "You have to tell me five times" line! Sounds so much like our house!!

I'll Love You Forever said...

Haha, too cute! "It was mystery" bahahaha. Thanks for the good laugh! xoxo

Rabia Lieber said...

I wish my kids would tell me exactly how many times I have to repeat myself before they listen. I'd just belt them all out at once and be done with it!! This is a cute post!