Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An End in Sight--But Another Trip to the OR First

Charlotte has done great today.  She is acting more and more like her normal self.  Minus all of the dancing and prancing around (she's still really weak and isn't walking much yet) and being a human garbage disposal (she has only eaten a few bites of food since Saturday morning).  But at least we're getting somewhere.

More art projects!
Right now the game plan is for us to be discharged on Friday.  Charlotte will go home on a full 10-day course of IV antibiotics.  But to do that, she will have to have a PICC line inserted tomorrow in the OR under general anesthesia.  We have been told to expect it to take about two hours.  Jarrod and I aren't very excited about Charlotte having to make another trip down to the OR, but we are thankful that it's looking like we'll be home soon.  


Shannon said...

Been thinking about you daily and so glad to hear the end just may be in sight. Charlotte is such a trooper!!!

Mrs.B said...

So glad you guys get to go home.

Jen said...

I am so happy that the end is in sight and you get to go home soon.