Friday, September 20, 2013

Under the Knife

Today was the big day for Charlotte.

We were up and out the door early this morning to get to the hospital for our 9:45am check-in time.  We thought that allowing an extra hour for traffic would be plenty of extra time.  We were wrong.  Factor in horrid traffic along with a little girl who needed three potty breaks along the way, and we were just pulling into the hospital at 9:45.

After checking in, we were taken back to the pre-op area.  Charlotte had her vitals taken, got changed into hospital clothes, and was given a cocktail to make her “happy” so that she would be okay leaving me and Jarrod.

I’d say it worked.

All of Charlotte’s doctors, attendings, etc., came by to tell us what their part in her procedure would be too.  Everyone was great and made both Charlotte and Jarrod and me comfortable with what was about to happen. 

Once Charlotte was wheeled out of the pre-op area, Jarrod and I were taken to the surgical waiting room where we were shown how to read the status screen.  We could keep up with her progress throughout the time we were separated from her.

The cafeteria was right across the patio from the waiting room, so Jarrod and I went outside to eat lunch and soak up the sun.  I read some, and Jarrod worked on a final for class before we headed back inside the waiting room.

About 3 hours after Charlotte was rolled away from us, her doctor came into the waiting room to talk to us about her surgery.  He said that everything went great!  She has a 2 – 2 1/2 inch bikini line incision that has a drain in it while she is in the hospital (thankfully seeing it when dressings have been changed hasn’t made my stomach queasy).  The drain will come out when we leave the hospital, and the stitches will dissolve on their own.  She will also have some bladder spasms (think Charlie Horses of the bladder), but is being given medication to help with those.  The doctor told us to also expect red urine for about a week.  All things that this mommy can handle as long as it means that we’re done with constant UTIs and kidney infections.

About 30 minutes after the doctor left, we were taken back to the recovery room to see Charlotte.

I had managed not to cry the whole day, but seeing my sweet little girl still so out of it and hooked up to monitors almost did me in.  Not to mention, she was laying on her Nanny Pillow.  When we visited my grandmother about four months before she passed away, Charlotte fell in love with Nanny’s little pillow.  Every time we visited Nanny at the nursing home, Charlotte grabbed it and hugged it.  So before we came back to California, Nanny told Charlotte that she could have it.  Charlotte now sleeps with it every night and requested to bring it to the hospital.  I know that Nanny was close during Charlotte’s surgery today.

We spent quite a bit of time in recovery room before a bed opened up for us upstairs.  Charlotte was still pretty groggy most of the time we were in recovery with her, but she did have some juice to drink to help with soreness from the tube that had been in her throat during surgery. 

We are now in a shared room.  I feel kind of sorry for the teenage girl that is in the other bed.  I don’t think Charlotte has been quiet for more than a 5 minute stretch since we’ve been up here.

Charlotte didn’t want to eat much for dinner – some goldfish crackers, a couple bites of mac & cheese, and a little fruit.  She also was complaining a LOT about pain.  And if you know Charlotte, you know that she’s tough.  So when she says something hurts, it really hurts.
Jarrod laid down in bed with her and put on a movie to try to get her to calm down.  About halfway into the movie, Charlotte vomited everywhere.  But now she’s saying that she feels better, so that’s a plus!

After the room was cleaned up and Charlotte’s bedding, clothes, and dressings were changed, Jarrod headed back home for the night (only one parent is allowed to stay the night in shared rooms).

Hopefully Charlotte and I will get some good sleep tonight.  Charlotte is already talking about wanting to go to take a wagon down to the playroom tomorrow.  When her doctor came by this evening for rounds, he got her all excited by telling her that they do arts and crafts projects in the playroom!  I can see us spending quite a bit of time down there!

Trenton stayed busy today too.  He had his first pre-k field trip.  The class went down to a local beach, checked the sea lions out, built sand castles, and ate lunch.  And my mom chaperoned.  What an awesome Mimi! 

I know that Charlotte had all kinds of prayers being said for her today, so thank you!  It is great feeling knowing that so many people are in our little girl’s corner!


Mrs.B said...

I hope you guys were able to sleep some. She is such a tough and brave little girl!

eas said...

Glad she is doing okay and all went well!!

Jen said...

I'm so glad everything went well!