Thursday, October 31, 2013

My, What Big Ears You Have

All the better to hear you with.


My, what big eyes you have.
All the better to see you with.


My, what big teeth you have.
All the better to eat you with!!!!


If you remember last year, we did family theme Halloween costumes (if you missed our “out of this world” costumes last year, be sure to check them out!).  We were going to do another family theme this year that I was going to make costumes for, but between Charlotte’s extra time in the hospital and a baby in my tummy taking my energy, I decided to buy this year.  We can always go back to family costumes next year, and I think Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf are super cute this year!

And we didn’t forget about the littlest member of the family.

($2 tank from Old Navy, some black fabric, Steam-a-Seam, and some ribbon = a super easy costume!)

Happy Halloween!  Hope you all had a wonderful day of tricks and treats!

Now it’s off to “sort” the kids’ candy….

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Partying–Kiddie Style

A few weeks ago, Trenton and Charlotte saw a commercial for a Curious George Halloween special.  And since we had a party for the spring Curious George special, they thought we should have one for the Halloween one too.

And today was the big day (the movie actually aired yesterday, but I DVR’d it and saved it for this afternoon).  Not that any of the kids really sat and watched the movie for any length of time, but they did have fun.

I scoured my Pinterest boards for snack ideas.

Jack-o-Lantern Veggie Tray (that really just looked more like a smiley face)

Jack-o-Lantern Vegetable Tray

Ghost Cookies (Nutter Butters dipped in white chocolate with mini chocolate chip eyes)

Halloween Ghost Cookies

Jack-o-Lantern Mandarin Oranges

Jack-o-Lantern Oranges

Witch Hat Cookies (Keebler Fudge Stripes cookie, orange icing, Hershey Kiss)

Witch Hat Cookies

Spider Juice Boxes

Spider Juice Boxes

But want to know a little secret?  I used leftover red plates and green napkins from Charlotte’s strawberry birthday party.  No, I didn’t forget to buy Halloween paper goods – I just didn’t want more leftover stuff to add to our pile!  Especially since we move in 8 months.

The kids also did a little Halloween craft to take home.

Halloween Kid CraftsHalloween Kid CraftsBoy & Girl Ghosts - Halloween Kid Crafts

Seriously, are they not the cutest (and best dressed) little ghosts?  Charlotte has named hers and even wanted to sleep with it!

Now that the party is over, the kids are counting down to the big night ‘o trick-or-treating.  And this mommy is glad that her doctor appointment is before candy eating begins! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Since Halloween is only a few days away, we figured it was high time to carve those pumpkins that we picked out a few weeks ago.

Trenton and Charlotte made it very clear that this was a Daddy project.  I could take pictures, but Daddy was the one that was going to help with the carving.  This Mommy was not complaining!

I did help both kids find carving ideas on Pinterest, but then my “helper” job was done.

Trenton’s pumpkin was first up.


Which meant that Charlotte had to wait her turn.


No one ever said that patience was her best virtue….

But once it was her turn, she was happy!


And the finished products…..


Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Child’s Prayer

So you know how in my last post, I said that Charlotte was back to sleeping through the night again?
Well, I jinxed myself.  She hasn’t slept through the night since I wrote that.

Last night Jarrod and I weren’t even asleep yet when Charlotte woke up.  She normally asks for Daddy in the middle of the night, but last night she was all about Mommy and only wanted me.

I told Charlotte that I had a few things to finish up downstairs, and that if she could stay quiet, I would come lay down with her after I was done.

While I was back downstairs, I still heard Charlotte whimpering and asking for Mommy.

I finished up, turned the lights off, and headed upstairs.  I was just about to open the bedroom door, when I heard this:

Dear God,
Please help Mommy finish her work downstairs fast.
I really want her to come sleep with me.

We pray with the kids every day, but this was the first time I had heard Charlotte pray on her own without being prompted.

My heart just about melted.

It was definitely a moment that this Mommy won’t forget.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Trimesters Down, One More to Go

Hello, third trimester!

photo (9)

It is really hard to believe that in a few short months, Jarrod and I will be outnumbered by little people in our house!

The kids are really getting excited about their new little sister.  They sing to her, talk to her, Charlotte even picked out an outfit for her at Target. 

And I’ve got ideas for the nursery, but haven’t started putting any of them together yet.  I should probably get on that….

We got to see our baby girl three times this month.

Once at our anatomy scan.  Where we almost didn’t find out the gender.  Little Miss Diva was in a contortionist frank breech position totally folded in half.  Her little bottom was sitting directly on my bladder, and she was NOT moving.  Finally in the last five minutes of our scan, she moved just enough for my doctor to make the call. 

I had another ultrasound a few weeks later.  This time with a high-risk obstetrician that my OB referred me to because of my history with Charlotte.  This ultrasound was two days before Charlotte’s surgery – talk about a stressful week!  Baby girl had turned head down for this ultrasound, so it was easy for the ultrasound tech to get all of the images she needed.

The high-risk OB sent the results of my ultrasound to my regular OB.  I got a call from my OB’s nurse while we were at the hospital with Charlotte.  My doctor was not too excited about my amniotic fluid levels.  They were below the normal mark at a 9 (normal is between 10-25; anything under 5 is really bad).  I was told to drink more water (I was already drinking a gallon a day) and to stop exercising (easy to do when you’re stuck in the hospital).  And I was scheduled for another ultrasound in my doctor’s office in two weeks.

All that time in the hospital not only made me gain 6 pounds between appointments, but it also helped my fluid levels out.  They were now at an 11, so that put me within the normal range.  But since I was barely above normal and had been having some trouble with cramping, we decided that my birthday trip to Texas should be cancelled.

I also had my glucose test at 25 weeks.  It came back normal, but my blood levels were low.  So now my grocery cart looks like this since I’ve been put on extra iron in addition to my regular prenatals.

photo (10)

I have another ultrasound at the end of the month and will probably be getting them pretty regularly from here on out to keep an eye on my fluid levels.

Other than all of the medical mumbo jumbo, I’ve been feeling pretty good.  I get crampy when I overdo things or when I’m really stressed, but I’ve been able to keep the cramps pretty much under control for the past couple weeks.

I haven’t really had any cravings lately.  Other than alcoholic beverages to get me through the last couple Aggie football games….

Sleep has been pretty easy for me most nights.  I still wake up multiple times to go to the bathroom, but at least I’ve been able to get back to sleep fairly quick most nights.  And it also helps that Charlotte is sleeping through the night again. 

My favorite part of this pregnancy (you know, other than growing a little human inside of me) is that I can go two weeks without shaving!  Wish my lack of hair growth would stick around post-pregnancy too!

So long, second trimester.  It was nice knowing ya!  Third trimester, I hope we can be friends for a while (but not TOO long)! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcoming My 30s

Yesterday Jarrod and I left the kids with our babysitter and went on a date to bid farewell to my 20s.


My 20s were very good to me.  I graduated from Texas A&M, married a wonderful guy, lived in Guam, Virginia, and California, survived so many deployments/underways that I lost count of them, and brought two beautiful children into this world.

Not to mention the newest addition growing in my belly that likes to work on her gymnast routines just as I’m trying to fall asleep at night.

God has definitely blessed me.

photo (6)

Today I entered into my 30s.  No, I don’t feel any different.  But boy do I feel loved.

Jarrod had to go into school for a meeting for a group project, but as soon as he got home, we loaded up and went out to Uesugi Farms for a family afternoon.


This place was really cute!  It’s one of those places that we’d visit again if we were going to be here next fall.

We started out by grabbing tickets for the enchanted hayride.  While we were waiting for the hayride, we checked out the top three pumpkins in the weekend’s pumpkin weigh-off.  The winner weighed in at over 2000 pounds!


The hayride was probably the best hayride I’ve ever been on.  We went through corn fields, pumpkin fields, sunflowers, and marigoldland.

photo (7)DSC_9087_1DSC_9092_1

We also took a train ride through the pumpkin patch and took a spin on the carousel. 

Trenton and Charlotte could have stayed at the hay jump pit all day.

photo (8)DSC_9098_1DSC_9099_1

Charlotte said that the hay was so “cozy” that she wanted to sleep in it!

We already have pumpkins from our pumpkin patch trip last weekend, but that didn’t stop us from wandering through the Uesugi patch.

We especially wanted to check out the pumpkin pyramid.


I loved the scarecrows that were spread out all over the farm.


The kids even found some that they recognized.


Boys will be boys and of course had to shoot off the pumpkin blaster on our way out.


Charlotte tried one shot, but she said that it was too loud for her.

We stopped for dinner on our way back home, and then pulled in our driveway just as it was getting dark.  The kids had been asking all day if we could make a birthday cake, and the sun going down telling them that bedtime was near did not stop them from asking again. 

Thankfully Jarrod and I still had leftovers from our cake sampler from last night’s date.

(These were three “sample size” pieces of cake.  Even after the second night of eating on them, we still have some leftover!)

One day in my 30s down; 3,649 more to go (Jarrod reminded me of leap years, so it’s actually 3,652 days – thanks, Siri)!  I can’t wait to see what they hold in store!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall is Here

Fall is here….according to the calendar.

To be honest, Monterey kind of gets summer and fall mixed up.  Summer is cool and overcast/foggy, and fall is sunny and warm.

But we make it work!

Today we met up with some friends for our first pumpkin patch visit of the year.

The kids weren’t quite as excited about picture taking as they were about making their way through all of the pumpkins.


We of course had to pare down the wagon full of pumpkins that the kids wanted to take home.


There are a lot of other pumpkin patches in the area that we want to check out this month, and this was the perfect non-dusty/dirty one to start with.

Especially since this one is still taking baths like this.

photo (4)

(Tonight was hopefully the last night of bathing with a Glad Press ‘n Seal arm since Charlotte’s picc line is supposed to be removed tomorrow.  She visited her doctors up at the children’s hospital on Friday, and they are very happy with how she is doing.  As much as we like her doctors, we hopefully won’t be seeing them again until the beginning of January!  Thank you all again for your prayers, thoughts, and kind words throughout this whole ordeal.  You guys are awesome!)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Picky Eater

Finally, a non-medical related post!

So, if you’ve followed along here for long enough, you know that Trenton is an extremely picky eater.  Like crazy extreme.  For example, he likes chicken nuggets, but only the dinosaur shaped ones.  He likes cheese pizza without sauce, but only cut into rectangles. 

I have tried and tried and tried and tried to get Trenton to try new foods.  I have a marble jar app on my phone that I used as incentive.  He would get a marble every time he tried a new food.  And he “tried” quite a few.  But he immediately spit out almost every new food that he put in his mouth.

I was at wits end trying to get him to eat new things.  Dinner time was a stressful mess.

Then I came up with a new plan.

Trenton loves Legos.

I told Trenton that we were going to start a list that I was going to hang up on the wall.  The list would be of new foods that Trenton tried and LIKED.  And once he made it to ten new foods that he liked, he could get a new Lego set.

It took a little while, and there were things that Trenton tried that he didn’t like, but we have filled the list!

His list may not be impressive as Charlotte’s (who had to have her own list and has filled it with things like calamari, crab, black olives, and fried shrimp), but it’s a start.

New Foods that Trenton Likes:
1. Applesauce
2. Cheese Pizza without Sauce cut into TRIANGLES
3. White Cranberry Peach Juice
4. Spaghetti without sauce (finally got him to eat some sort of pasta!)
5. Apples with peels (yay for not having to peel apples anymore!)
6. Raisin Bread
7. French Toast
8. Banana “Ice Cream” (frozen banana blended to the consistency of soft serve)
9. Cinnamon Apples
10. Carrots (this one really surprised me!)

And getting a new Lego set has made him want to try to earn another one!

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (6)

Who knows what will make it on to the next list!