Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Welcoming My 30s

Yesterday Jarrod and I left the kids with our babysitter and went on a date to bid farewell to my 20s.


My 20s were very good to me.  I graduated from Texas A&M, married a wonderful guy, lived in Guam, Virginia, and California, survived so many deployments/underways that I lost count of them, and brought two beautiful children into this world.

Not to mention the newest addition growing in my belly that likes to work on her gymnast routines just as I’m trying to fall asleep at night.

God has definitely blessed me.

photo (6)

Today I entered into my 30s.  No, I don’t feel any different.  But boy do I feel loved.

Jarrod had to go into school for a meeting for a group project, but as soon as he got home, we loaded up and went out to Uesugi Farms for a family afternoon.


This place was really cute!  It’s one of those places that we’d visit again if we were going to be here next fall.

We started out by grabbing tickets for the enchanted hayride.  While we were waiting for the hayride, we checked out the top three pumpkins in the weekend’s pumpkin weigh-off.  The winner weighed in at over 2000 pounds!


The hayride was probably the best hayride I’ve ever been on.  We went through corn fields, pumpkin fields, sunflowers, and marigoldland.

photo (7)DSC_9087_1DSC_9092_1

We also took a train ride through the pumpkin patch and took a spin on the carousel. 

Trenton and Charlotte could have stayed at the hay jump pit all day.

photo (8)DSC_9098_1DSC_9099_1

Charlotte said that the hay was so “cozy” that she wanted to sleep in it!

We already have pumpkins from our pumpkin patch trip last weekend, but that didn’t stop us from wandering through the Uesugi patch.

We especially wanted to check out the pumpkin pyramid.


I loved the scarecrows that were spread out all over the farm.


The kids even found some that they recognized.


Boys will be boys and of course had to shoot off the pumpkin blaster on our way out.


Charlotte tried one shot, but she said that it was too loud for her.

We stopped for dinner on our way back home, and then pulled in our driveway just as it was getting dark.  The kids had been asking all day if we could make a birthday cake, and the sun going down telling them that bedtime was near did not stop them from asking again. 

Thankfully Jarrod and I still had leftovers from our cake sampler from last night’s date.

(These were three “sample size” pieces of cake.  Even after the second night of eating on them, we still have some leftover!)

One day in my 30s down; 3,649 more to go (Jarrod reminded me of leap years, so it’s actually 3,652 days – thanks, Siri)!  I can’t wait to see what they hold in store!


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Perfect day! YOu look fantastic and did the kids grow more overnight?! Happy birthday!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday! I think I might be alone in the thought, and maybe its because I watched a little TOO much SATC, but turning 30 is something I'm seriously looking forward to! I think you finally settle into life in your 30s!

Mrs.B said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful day.

Shannon said...

Happy birthday! Welcome to the 30's!!!

Rachel Ross said...

Happy Birthday!! That looks like an amazing farm! So fun! :)

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like a perfect day for a celebration! That huge pumpkin is truly scary looking.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend! You looks amazing!