Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just Like Mommy

Charlotte and I look nothing alike.

But she wants to be just like Mommy.

She’s been watching her chest, waiting for boobies to grow from a young age.


Nearly every morning she is in the bathroom with me while I put on makeup.  And she always wants some of her own.

photo 2 (4)[4]

And now Charlotte has started asking if she can have my clothes.  She wants to know if I can save them so that she can wear them when she gets bigger.

I’m pretty sure she won’t want me to hold her to that.

Instead, I let her dress like Mommy every once in a while.

photo (1)DSC_9861_1

I wonder if she’ll still want to dress like twinkies 12 years from now?


Mrs.B said...

Precious! Em always wants to match her Nana (my mom).. It's pretty cute.

Shannon said...

That's so sweet. And for the record, I do think she kinda looks like you. :)

Rachel Ross said...

So cute!! Having a daughter is so much more amazing than I ever thought it would be! And I think she definitely looks like you! And your son looks exactly like your husband!

Hana R said...

Daughters are the best!!! Y'all are so cute together!!!

Jessie said...

This makes me want a little girl!

Jen said...

Such a precious girl she is. :)

Jenn said...

Omg her little boots are so adorable!! I think y'all look alike, and not just the outfits!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

This is so adorable!! Soon you will have two mini-mes to dress!

I'll Love You Forever said...

That is so cute! She is just adorable!

Charlotte said...

Awwww, what an adorable post. I could never see myself with a little girl but after reading this you've made me picture it! How lovely. And isn't she gorgeous? Look at those eyes! :) Love this post so much x