Friday, November 8, 2013

Making the Most of Changed Plans

I had a full day of things planned for Monday.  Then I got a text from Jarrod asking me to come by school after I dropped Charlotte off at preschool.

His computer had gotten involved in a little incident over the weekend, and he hadn’t noticed until he’d gotten to school that a part was broken where the power cord is inserted.

So he asked me to take his laptop into the local computer shop to see about getting it fixed.

Being the good wife that I am (yes, I’m patting myself on the back here), I obliged without complaining that I had other stuff to do.

I took the computer into the shop, and after taking one look at it, the associate told me that it was an easy fix, but not one that they did at their shop.  He did give me the info on a shop in San Jose (a little over an hour north of us) that he recommended that had fast turnaround time.

So after picking the kids up from school, it was off to San Jose with Jarrod’s laptop.

The kids were super excited that the computer shop happened to be directly across the fence from the airport and they could watch planes taking off while I got the laptop checked in!

And since we had driven all the way up to San Jose, why not take advantage and check out a new site after dropping off Daddy’s computer?

Monday’s stop was the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.

San Jose Municipal Rose GardenSan Jose Municipal Rose GardenSan Jose Municipal Rose GardenDSC_9482_1San Jose Municipal Rose GardenSan Jose Municipal Rose GardenSan Jose Municipal Rose Garden

This place was gorgeous.

And the smell?  Amazing!

The kids loved running around and seeing all of the different colors of roses.

San Jose Municipal Rose Garden

And a rose garden seems like an awesome place to get good photos of your kids, right?


They obviously had different plans…

They do make me laugh!  I’m hoping that Trenton’s “too cool for school” photo face is a very short lived phase though!

I got a call yesterday afternoon that Jarrod’s computer was ready for pick up.  So once again, after school today, the kids and I were headed up to San Jose.

Today’s post-computer shop stop was Emma Prusch Farm Park.

Emma Prusch Farm Park

A playground + farm animals + tractors = two very happy kids!

Emma Prusch Farm ParkEmma Prusch Farm ParkEmma Prusch Farm Park

The red barn housed fair projects for 4-H kids.  We walked in the barn, and I was taken back home to county fairs and cattle auctions.  Charlotte spotted a Holstein cow and her calf and immediately stated that those kind of cows make milk.  She then asked what the all black cows (they were actually steers, but I wasn’t going to explain that one) make, and I told her that they are for meat – like hamburgers.  So now she thinks that they make hamburgers in the same fashion that dairy cows make milk.  Didn’t correct her there either…

We also went into the animal feeding area.  I thought that the kids would be scared of feeding the goats, but they loved it!

Emma Prusch Farm ParkEmma Prusch Farm Park

So although we had to make two unexpected trips up to San Jose this week, we managed to make the most of our trips and found some fun places to visit.  And the best thing (after watching my kids have fun)?  They were FREE (other than the $0.25 cost of goat feed)!  I love finding fun new places!  We have a couple of other new places that we’re hoping to visit over the long weekend.  Stay tuned!


Charlotte said...

How lovely, I always try to visit new parks and places when we have to go out and door something, makes it so much more fun and enjoyable doesn't it? The garden looks beautiful x

Jen said...

How awesome! So glad you took advantage of the sites. :)

Jenn said...

That rose garden is GORGEOUS and the farm/playground/petting zoo sounds like heaven on earth for my two. Glad you found such awesome things to do while fixing a computer! ;)

My Traveling Troop said...

What a beautiful garden! It is always good to stop and smell the roses. :)