Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sleighs are Overrated

Who needs a sleigh when you’ve got an outrigger canoe?


And who better to lead your team onto the beach?


Jarrod’s mom is in town for a visit and has been itching to get out to the beach.  So when I saw that Santa would be making an appearance at Capitola beach today and the weather forecast was really nice, we decided to check it out.

The kids thought it was pretty funny that Santa came in on a boat!

We had planned on visiting with Santa and sitting on his lap once he made it to the beach, but event organizers weren’t very good about enforcing that people were supposed to stand in a line to wait their turn.  Not just crowd around Santa and jump in whenever they could.  So, those of us who stood in line had a pretty long wait.

The kids decided that they would rather play on the beach and see Santa another day which was perfectly fine with us.  Running/rolling around in the sand is much more fun than waiting in a long line for over an hour anyway!

DSC_9890_1photo (15)


Jen said...

This is awesome!!! :)

Miranda Pridgeon said...

That is epic! Gotta love a Santa dressed like he is on vacation!

Miranda Pridgeon
Hurry Up and Wait

Jenn said...

Too cool! Y'all have the neatest events around there!

Mrs.B said...

That is pretty sweet!!

I dislike non-liners or those who try to just jump in.

Traci@TheHallway said...

How cool!!!!!