Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Counting Down to Christmas

I don’t know about you, but once that Christmas tree goes up, my kids start exclaiming that it’s Christmas.  Like that day.

So that we don’t get asked every single day if it’s Christmas yet, we have a couple countdowns in our home.

The first is the advent calendar that I made a few years ago with the help of my mom.


Every day the kids pull out the card from the corresponding day, and we do the activity on the card.

It may be visiting Santa – which we all love…


Decorating a Christmas Tree


“Snow” play


Watching a Christmas movie (along with fun movie themed snacks!)

Grinch Float for Grinch Party

Or making a pine cone craft (after going on a pine cone hunt which is another activity in the countdown).

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

We also started a Christmas book countdown a few years ago.

I (with help from Snickers the Elf) wrap 24 Christmas books, and every night we unwrap one and read it.

photo (18)

Here are just a few of our favorites (click on the pictures to be taken to Amazon if you’re interested in checking them out).

Fletcher is worried that Santa won’t know where to deliver gifts to his rabbit friends since they have moved to a new burrow.  He sets out to make sure Santa can find the rabbit family’s new home.

Who will help Santa deliver gifts when the reindeer break loose from the sleigh?

Beautiful illustrations and ends by telling us how each baby born brings God’s smile to Earth.

My favorite as a mother.

What do you do to count down to the big day with your little ones?


Ashley said...

I want to be able to do the book advent SO BAD ... but I need to find some more Christmas books. I think right now, we have maybe 8 ... and 3 of them are The Night Before Christmas [just different illustrators!]

Jen said...

I love the Christmas book idea. It's so fun!

Courtney B said...

That Santa picture is priceless! Hilarious!!
Your advent countdown is SO cute! I love the ideas! I want to do that when Mia is older!
And I plan on getting her one or two new Christmas books each year... eventually I'll have enough to do it for all the days of December!

Mrs.B said...

That Santa picture is the greatest! haha
We have an advent calendar and I saw the book thing on Pinterest as well and love that idea.

Traci@TheHallway said...

Love all of it! My mom got Charli her first advent calendar this year, it is a nativity advent calendar. She LOVES taking each piece out every day!

Shannon said...

Do you get 24 new books each year or just re-wrap the same ones? I have to assume the latter or else you'dhave SO many Christmas books!!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

This sounds almost as good as actually having Christmas for 24 days!

Allyssa said...

I love your advent calendar! I've been thinking about making one, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Super cute! :)