Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting Closer to Baby Day

I hit the 34 week mark yesterday.  I had Charlotte at 36 weeks (induced due to my low amniotic fluid and her growth restriction) and Trenton at 38 weeks (he came on his own), so we’ll see what happens with this little girl.

Weight Gain: 20 pounds
More than I gained during Charlotte’s pregnancy and pretty much right on track with what I gained with Trenton.

Cravings: A good night’s sleep
I’ve started having reflux/indigestion issues.  They started out a couple weeks ago just at night, but now I get bouts during the day too.  My doctor prescribed me some Zantac on Friday, so I’m hoping for some better sleep soon.

Labor signs: I’ve started having contractions pretty much every day now.  Nothing regular or extremely uncomfortable.  They have kept me up at night a few times though.  Last night Jarrod and I went to the Grand Winter Ball at Naval Postgraduate School, and I had quite a few contractions while we were there.  And they were not comfortable.  Remind me not to go somewhere where I have to stand around in a ball gown and high heels for 2+ hours at 34 weeks pregnant again.  Luckily once we got home and I changed into pajamas and laid down in bed, the contractions settled down fairly quick.

NPS Grand Winter Ball - 34 week pregnant

Complications:  Baby girl isn’t even here yet, and she’s already being difficult.  She is in a breech position with her head wedged under my right rib.  Let me tell ya – bending over is kind of difficult when there’s a hard little skull under your rib.  On top of that, my amniotic fluid levels have dropped below the normal level again.  My doctor said that it’s not likely that she’ll turn to a head down position if my levels don’t come up.  And it’s not even an option for doctors to try to turn an in-utero baby when the fluid levels are low (not that I’m sure I would be for trying to turn the baby even if my levels were higher).  So, it looks like a c-section could be pretty high probability.  My fluid levels aren’t dangerously low right now, but I will have another ultrasound in two weeks to check them again.  On the good side of things though – baby girl is right on schedule as far as size goes and is looking healthy.

Baby Prep:  I still don’t have everything ready for baby, but more than I did 4 weeks ago.  We have a name picked out, but we’re keeping it quiet until baby makes her appearance.  Speaking of appearances, Charlotte has been looking for her little sister.  Last week she came into my bed in the morning and asked me to open my mouth really really big so that she could see the baby.  That obviously didn’t work, and today she tried pulling my belly button open to see her.  Trenton is excited about his baby sister’s arrival too.  He sings her the ABC’s and is sure that she’ll know them when she comes out!

So that’s where we stand 34 weeks in.  We’ll see what happens next!   


Lindsay Daile said...

Congrats on your upcoming arrival! <3 Here's to hoping for a smooth delivery!

Jen said...

I can't believe how fast time is flying by! You look amazing. :)

Hana R said...

You're the cutest little prego lady ever!!!!! I hope baby gets "unbreeched" before the big day!!!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

haha Charlotte. I love it! Hopefully little Miss turns on her own soon!