Monday, December 9, 2013

The Season of Giving

Snickers brought back a note from the North Pole and Santa last week.

Elf on the Shelf note from Santa - Season of Giving

Along with a couple of empty boxes.

Elf on the Shelf note from Santa - Season of Giving

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the kids, but they did a great job filling their boxes with no complaints.  And it wasn’t just stuff that they never play with.  There were a couple things that they still play with pretty often, but they wanted other kids to have them.

Saturday Trenton and Charlotte got to deliver their boxes to the Goodwill trailer (or ‘Good Wheel’ as Trenton calls it). 

Season of GivingSeason of GivingSeason of GivingSeason of Giving

Today Charlotte asked to play one of the games that she put in her box.  I reminded her that she gave her game away, and she replied that she hoped that another little girl was having fun with it.

I love seeing the kids really grasp what the Christmas season is supposed to be about.  Not just sitting on Santa’s lap and getting gifts under the tree Christmas morning.  I hope that what we are trying to instill in them sticks with them for years to come. 


My bloggy friend and fellow military wife, Amanda, over at The B’s is gearing up for a cross-country move from North Carolina to California.  She has guest bloggers set up to give her time to pack and to make their way across the U.S.  And today, I was featured.  If you have time, hop on over to her blog and say hello!


Jen said...

This is really awesome!

Nicole said...

Very cool project for the kids. I'm glad they grasped the spirit of giving.

Traci@TheHallway said...

How amazing! They are truly wonderful kiddos!!

Shannon said...

This is truly inspiring! I'm so glad you did this. It's so easy to forget about the "giving" aspect of this season.