Monday, January 27, 2014

A “Fintastic” Shark Party

Trenton had his sights set on a shark themed 5th birthday party ever since he sat glued to the TV watching Shark Week last summer.

Thankfully the only requirement he had to make it a “shark party” was a shark cake.  And good thing.  Because this mom of a two week old baby did not feel like going all pinterest-y with party décor.  Tables covered with blue table cloths.  That was the extent of my decorating.

But I did search Pinterest for cake and snack ideas.  And came up with this -

Shark Birthday Cake
(Fin - graham crackers, eyes – Junior Mints, mouth – fruit roll up, teeth – mini marshmallows)

Shark Party Snacks

The shark was pretty easy.  For complete instructions, visit HERE or HERE.  One tip that neither of these sites mentioned was how to make gray icing.  Gray is hard when it comes to icing (which is why last years moon cake was such a dark gray).  Add a little black paste to white icing, and it turns lavender-ish.  But add in a bit of yellow too, and it makes a nice gray! 

Shark Birthday Cake
Shark Birthday Cake

Too bad I didn’t make an alien shark – with 6 eyes and 3 mouths.  Of course those were the parts that pretty much every kid at the party wanted!

Shark Birthday Cake

And just because – here is our first picture as a family of five.


And stay tuned for some cuteness later this week.  Newborn photos are on their way!


Jenn said...

I am still in awe that you did all of this just weeks after birthing a baby. Such a cute party! And you look fabulous! I'm loving the sneak peeks your photographer has been putting up of the newborn photos. SO insanely cute!!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

This is all so cute! And more than I could muster without a newborn even. Your family is super adorable and you look great!

Hana R said...

I've been looking at these photos on your IG. I am in awe of your talent!!!!

Shannon said...

SUPER MOM! That cake is amazing and you have a newborn at home.

*bows on floor to you*

Mrs.B said...

You're amazing. I don't know how you found the time or a period of non exhaustion to do that.

Such a sweet family picture!

Denise said...

This is fantastic! Or should I say FINtastic! Seriously you did a great job :)