Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Doesn’t Get Much More Texan

Nothing says “Texas” more than bluebonnet pictures.

Last spring we found lupines (California’s name for bluebonnets) near Monterey.

But this year we got to take pictures in the real thing!

I haven’t been home for bluebonnet season in 8 years – right before Jarrod and I moved to Guam.  So I was really excited to get to see the bluebonnets in bloom this year.  The kids were excited too.  They loved the “pretty blue flowers” and were very careful not to step on them and mess them up.


Are you looking for photos of all three kids together?

Well – this is how that went….


Hopefully it will be less than 8 years before we get back to Texas for bluebonnet season again!


Jen said...

These are such beautiful photos! :) Bluebonnets are absolutely gorgeous.

Jenn said...

Love them all! Especially the last one- that's real life!! ;)

Ashley said...

Beautiful flowers -- AND kids! The group shot is definitely priceless, too!

Rachel Ross said...

Beautiful! Love that last picture too, haha! So can relate!

Shannon said...

Oh - the pictures of E are adorable. What a HUGE grin! :)

Chelsea Phelps said...

Love these pictures! I am so going to miss the bluebonnets when we leave!


Mrs.B said...

So cute!!