Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just Carryin’ On an Old Family Tradition

Reflux – not a family tradition that I wanted Evelyn to carry on.  Both Trenton and Charlotte had really bad reflux, and we were hoping that it would skip Evelyn.

But it didn’t.

I took Evelyn to the pediatrician last week for forceful vomiting (many times while still nursing), crying, coughing, and wheezing while nursing, and all around crankiness.  Once we got to the pediatrician’s office, I also found out that the reflux is adversely affecting Evelyn’s weight.  She’s not losing weight, but she’s not gaining as much as she should.

The doctor prescribed some medicine, and we are really hoping that it will work and that we can get more happy (or at least non-cranky) moments. 

photo 1 (17)
photo 4 (7)
photo 5 (2)

And to my bloggy friends: I’m trying my best to keep up with you, but trying to keep a mad baby not quite so mad hasn’t lent itself to much free time.  I hope to have some more time soon!


Jenn said...

Oh goodness! So sorry to hear she's having reflux issues. Hope the meds straighten everything out so that she will be happy happy happy! She is so cute and expressive!

Shannon said...

That sounds awful. Alex has reflux, but nothing like that.

Here's to hoping the meds make it better for all of you!!!

Mrs.B said...

Oh no!! I hope the meds help and she's a happy baby soon!

Jen said...

Oh poor thing!! :( Hope its resolved soon!

Traci@TheHallway said...

Poor thing... And poor mama! I hope the meds work wonders and she is happier in no time!

Rachel Ross said...

Poor thing!! Reflux is the WORST!! Hopefully the doctors figure out the meds and that you get a happy baby back! Hugs!!