Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Texas (and PA) Recap

We returned to Monterey on Friday, and we’re already missing Texas after a week and a half there visiting family.

Our flight to Texas was before dawn.  We left our house at 3:30 in the morning.

Our little travelers were ready!

photo 1 (19)photo 2 (18)

And Evelyn did wonderful on her first flight.

My parents picked us up to the airport, and off it was to grab some lunch at Hruska’s – I love their klobasniky!

After unloading our bags at my parents house and letting the kids play for a bit, we headed over to WaWa’s house so that he could meet his newest great-granddaughter.

photo 3 (10)

I think he likes her!

Since Evelyn still had her bad diaper rash, and all that time in a carseat certainly hadn’t helped it, I let her lay on my chest when it was time for bed that night.  But she fussed about that.  So I just laid her next to me and we called it a night.

Evelyn woke up around 2:15 for a feeding, but only took about half of her bottle while screaming.  I couldn’t get her back to sleep, and she just kept screaming.  Jarrod had already gone to lay down with the big kids, and my mom came and said that she would take Evelyn so that I could try to get some sleep.  I fell asleep for a couple of hours and awoke to hearing Evelyn’s screams coming from my parents room.  I went and grabbed her from my mom and laid Evelyn back down in my bed.

It wasn’t long after we laid down that I started hearing Evelyn’s tummy making noises.  And then all of the sudden she was vomiting like the Old Faithful geyser.

I thought it was a fluke.  Maybe the plane ride had upset her tummy.  But when she kept throwing up into the afternoon, I knew that it wasn’t from the plane.  I called our pediatrician here in California and was told to take her to the ER since she was starting to get dehydrated.  The pediatrician didn’t want me taking her to just any ER though.  I was supposed to take her to one where she would be seen by a pediatrician.  So that meant a drive into Houston to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Evelyn had an ultrasound to check for pyloric stenosis and blood and urine samples taken.  The ultrasound and urine samples came back negative, and the doctors said that it was probably just a virus.  We were sent home around 11pm after Evelyn got a bolus of fluid and showed that she was able to keep down a bit of formula.

photo 4 (8)

Evelyn was doing better on Thursday and was keeping down the small amounts of formula I was giving her.  She was still very tired, but that seemed normal after having been so sick the day before.  Mid-afternoon on Thursday, I got a call from Texas Children’s.  Evelyn’s blood culture had started growing something.  They couldn’t classify the bacteria yet, but they wanted us to bring her in to observe her.

That meant an overnight stay.  And since Evelyn isn’t 3 months old yet, that meant our stay was in the Level 2 NICU.  With me sleeping in a recliner and Jarrod on the floor.

But I spent the night counting my blessings.  The doctors had assured us that based on how Evelyn looked and was acting that she did not have something serious going on.  But many of the babies in the 23 other babies in our NICU room did have more serious issues.  I didn’t know any of their stories, but my heart went out to all of them and their parents.  Especially in the morning when Evelyn’s blood results were in and the bacteria that was growing was just a contaminant.  We were being discharged but the other babies would be staying another night, maybe more. 

We spent the weekend preparing for Evelyn’s baptism and also fit in a family portrait session with a local photographer (hoping to see some peeks of the shoot soon).

Jarrod left Sunday morning to go out to Pennsylvania for a meeting with his new command and to find us a house to rent.  He looked at three homes, and I think he picked a great one!  He also took a school tour of a Catholic school, fell in love with it, and got both kids registered to start classes in the fall (we had totally planned on sending our kids to the local public school that gets excellent marks, but after we learned about the Catholic school, decided it would be the best fit for our family).  Jarrod even managed to have some fun in the snow before flying back to Texas.

Jarrod Snow

While he was gone the kids, my parents, and I had plenty of time to play with farm animals, go out for ice cream, ride the 4-wheeler, check out the bluebonnets, start a band, and snuggle.

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Once Jarrod got back to Texas, he had to turn around and fly back to California with us the very next day.  All of the kids did great on the flight back.

photo 3 (11)

Evelyn had an appointment with her pediatrician today to follow up on her hospital stay, and she is doing wonderful.  She’s finally gaining weight like a champ and hit 10 pounds today!  I love having her happy and healthy!

photo (32)

Although our spring break trip had a few kinks, we loved our time back home and can’t wait to get back again!


Jenn said...

Poor girl! Y'all cannot catch a break lately. So glad it turned out to be nothing serious, and glad she is feeling better and gaining some weight!

Mrs.B said...

Oh my goodness. Poor sweet baby girl and you guys! Happy it wasn't anything serious and all is well. What a wonderful trip besides that!

Jen said...

So glad it turned out to be nothing serious!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Glad E is back to herself! Is she still on the expensive formula? Im glad it is working! And that pic of her and Trenton reading...melt my heart.

Hana R said...

Poor Baby! I'm glad it wasn't something too serious. It's always so scary when babies get sick...while away from home too!

Shannon said...

Wow- what a rocky start to your trip. I'm so glad she's feeling better and based on the smiles, she's certainly becoming a happy little dollface! :)