Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beach Day

If you’ve followed here long enough, you know that when the mercury hits 80, it’s an automatic beach day.

Today it was already in the 70s when we walked out of the house at 8am, and it was above 80 before 10:00.  So a beach day it was!

We went to Lover’s Point with some of Trenton’s friends after school.

I think the ocean and the beach are going to be one of the big things that the kids miss when we leave here.  I just love watching their looks of pure joy as they play in the surf.


Evelyn spent most of her time at the beach in the baby tent that one of my friends brought for her to use.  But she did get to spend a little time checking out the sand and the Pacific Ocean for the first time!


She didn’t love the surf and sand as much as her big brother and big sister, but she didn’t absolutely hate it either.  I’m sure I’ll have three happy kiddos running in the surf before I know it!


Jen said...

You can never go wrong with the beach! We are headed there Friday

Amanda said...

Love those last few pictures. How cute. She is definitely not so sure. P.S. Those swimsuits are so cute!

Ashley said...

Ahh, theres nothing like a beach day! Maybe there will at least be a sandy {man made?} lake in Pa?

Mrs.B said...

It was so hot yesterday, wasn't it!? We went to the beach too!

Love the pictures!

Shannon said...

T looks so grown up in that baseball hat.

Love E's reaction to her first time in the ocean! :)

Chelsea Phelps said...

Such cute little beach babies! We have been itching for a beach weekend here!


Ginna Van Zandt said...

How fun!! There is nothing more wonderful than a floppy hat, I love your sun hat!