Thursday, April 17, 2014

Out of the Mouths: 3rd Edition

It’s time for another edition of Out of the Mouths!

If you’ve missed out on some of the other funny things the kids have come up with, you can catch up here:
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As before, Trenton’s words are green, Charlotte’s are purple, and mine are black.

(We had meals delivered the first couple of weeks after Evelyn was born.  A girl from CWOC was over delivering dinner, and I was holding Evelyn when she turned her head toward my chest with her mouth open.)
Mommy, look!  She wants to chew on your boobies again!  She’s so hungry!

A Lullaby:
Evelyn go to sleep
Evelyn go to sleep
If you don’t go to sleep
It keeps me waiting for my fun.

photo 2 (23)

Did she just poop?  She was eating!  Evelyn, you shouldn’t poop while you’re eating!  That’s not good manners.

If we don’t use the cow’s milk in the refrigerator will it dry up like the mommy milk in your boobies did?

Mommy?  Remember when we went to that wine factory?  When can we go again?  Tomorrow?


Did you make a mess?
Not a really really really really huge mess…

You sure know how to put that cake away, don’t you?
(Two minutes later…)
What does absolutely mean?

Mommy, this is the best supper ever!
You tried the chicken stew, corn muffins, and the sopapilla cheesecake and didn’t like any of it!
But I liked the cheese that you put on top of the stew!

Why do pirates steal things?  Don’t they know that if they’re nice Santa will bring them what they want?  Then they wouldn’t have to steal.

Mommy, can I get in trouble?  Please?  I want to go to timeout to see Trenton.

I want to be a princess.
Well, then you’ll have to marry a prince.
Are there any that aren’t married?
Prince Harry isn’t married.
Prince Harry?  Hahahahahaha! That’s a silly name!  Maybe he’s hairy all over.  I want to marry a prince with a real name.  Like Prince Charming.

What does the voice sound like in Pennsylvania?
The voice?
Yeah, the voice.  Is it Spanish?
Oh, the language…

Uncle Bradley, do you still need toenail clippers or does Hondo eat them off?

photo 3
(Photo from a year and a half ago when Hondo was a puppy)

And for the Frozen fans….

How do you say “hi” in Spanish?
If you add “off” to the end of hola, you get the snowman from Frozen!

Sung to the tune of “Let It Go”:
I don’t care
What they say
I’ve gotta go pee pee right away!

photo 1 (24)

Who knows what they’ll say next?!?!


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Mine were fascinated with breastfeeding too.. such a hilarious concept!

Ashley said...

I love that C wants to visit her brother in time out! Too cute!

Traci@TheHallway said...


Sarah said...

Love this. And I'm pretty sure that Drew would FLIP OUT if he saw that gynormous Olaf!

Rachel Ross said...

LOL! Your kids are seriously hilarious!

Jenn said...

Omg the Prince Charming one was hilarious! Also love the voices. Definitely a different accent in PA! ;)

Shannon said...

I think I LOL'd at every single one of Charlotte's little quips.