Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rejoice and be Glad

This is the day the Lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad.

Easter truly is a time for rejoicing.  Before having kids, I had always heard that holidays take on a new meaning once you have kids.  And it is so true.  I love seeing holidays through the eyes of our children and teaching them what each of the holidays mean.


Jarrod and I have been teaching the kids about Easter since the beginning of Lent. 

The kids loved waving palms last Sunday in church. 

Thursday, Trenton and Charlotte watched in wonder as our priest washed the feet of twelve members of the congregation.

On Good Friday, Jarrod and I put together a lunch to teach the kids about the Passion.

photo (36)
(Instructions for this lunch can be found at Catholic Icing.)

That evening at mass, while the cross was being passed over the heads of all in the congregation, Trenton and Charlotte got to touch it.  I have never seen Trenton more excited about church.

And today was the big day.  Jesus is risen!

The kids woke up and were of course excited about going downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny had left, but they were also excited about going to church to hear about Jesus.

photo (3)

All three kiddos enjoyed watching Charlotte’s new movie – The Pirate Fairy – before having to get dressed for church.

photo (37)

I love that Trenton and Charlotte both participate in the mass.  Charlotte loves singing “Glory to God in the Highest”, and Trenton responds “Lord, hear our prayer” louder (and sometimes a bit later) than most others in the congregation.

Today the Protestant and Catholic chapel communities held a joint Easter egg hunt and potluck lunch after mass.

Trenton and Charlotte were on missions!


What a wonderful Easter!

And to leave you with some baby cuteness…


Happy Easter to you all!

Rejoice!  He is risen!


Rachel Ross said...

Happy Easter!! Looks like a wonderful day! What a wonderful family picture too! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Easter!! That baby onesie in the last picture is cuteeeeee!!! Love how you are teaching the kiddos about each and every day!

Jenn said...

You are on it, doggonit! Molly still does the sign of the cross from her shoulders down to her belly, no fewer than 6 times, every time. Hoping I can get some religious mojo going so my kids will one day, "get it"!

Jen said...

What a wonderful Easter you had! I love the photos!

Mrs.B said...

Love how you are teaching them what it is all about! What a great Easter.

Shannon said...

What a wonderful Easter for a wonderful family.

Traci@TheHallway said...

Happy Easter! Looks like a perfect day!

Sarah said...

Total baby cuteness. Can't WAIT til my girl is here!

Jamie said...

Happy Easter!