Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spreading Smiles

It’s no secret that I love my kids and that they make me smile.

But what I really love seeing them do is make others smile.

Today the kids and I, along with some friends from CWOC (Catholic Women of the Chapel), visited a local nursing home.

Trenton does not know a stranger and soon befriended a gentleman with a “walker like WaWa’s.”  Then he started talking to a lady and wound up sitting in her lap. The boy made his way around to speak to almost every resident.

photo 1 (22)
photo 3 (13)
photo (33)

Charlotte, a clown once she knows you, is shy upon first meeting new people.  She wanted me to hold her for a few minutes, but then warmed up once she saw that all of the ladies had their fingernails painted and were wearing bracelets that they had made.

photo 4 (10)

The children and the residents made bunnies that are going to be strung together to make a garland.  Then the kids all got cookies.

At a quiet moment, Trenton got everyone’s attention:
“Excuse me old people – would you like to see my baby sister?”

I obviously need to work with him on how to address large groups…

Anyway, Evelyn was sleeping in her carrier, but all of the residents were clearly excited about the opportunity to see a baby.  So I uncovered her and took her carrier around so everyone could sneak a peek.  And a sleeping baby made a room of nursing home residents very happy.

It soon was time to say goodbye, but I don’t think this will be our last time visiting the nursing home.

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Rachel Ross said...

That is so, so sweet. And the "Excuse me, old people." LOL! So something my Brady would say!

Jenn said...

Omg Trenton! So funny and sweet! I doubt anyone there took offense at the obvious being stated. ;) My mom used to take us to nursing homes, and I continued visiting well into high school. Such a small thing to do that makes such a huge difference in someone's day!

Ashley said...

How sweet!! I love that your kids are seeing early on how to respect and love our elderly!

Mrs.B said...

So sweet! What a good thing to teach them.

Shannon said...

oh, how I love this so much!

Allyssa said...

Ah! This is so precious! :) How special for the elderly people. I bet they were so blessed by that :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...


Jen said...

This is so sweet! What a wonderful lesson you are teaching them. :)

Courtney B said...

This is the sweetest thing!! I never would have thought to do this with Mia (you are an AMAZING mom!!) but it will definitely be on this list when she gets a little older!

Sarah said...

This is just adorable Jen. You are teaching your kiddos some valuable lessons in life!