Sunday, June 1, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance–Round 3

Trenton wasn’t the only one who had a big day on Friday.

It was also a big day for these two.

Navy Daddy Daughter Dance

This was Charlotte and Jarrod’s third year attending Naval Postgraduate School’s Daddy Daughter Dance.

DSC_7598_1Navy Daddy Daughter Dance

I took Charlotte shopping a few weeks ago to find a dress, and we went shoe shopping last week.

I think she looks forward to the Daddy Daughter Dance just as much as she looks forward to Christmas and her birthday.


Who else thinks Daddy looks forward to getting dressed up and taking his oldest little girl out too?

Navy Daddy Daughter DanceNavy Daddy Daughter Dance

Charlotte just may have done more dancing and prancing around for the camera than she did out on the actual dance floor!

Naval Postgraduate School Rose GardenPreschool DancerPreschool Dancer

After Charlotte was done putting on her show, I watched these two walk off one last time for the Daddy Daughter Dance in Monterey.

Navy Daddy Daughter Dance

I sure hope we’re able to find another Daddy Daughter Dance in Pennsylvania.  Because Daddy is going to have two little girls wanting to dance with him before too long!



Daddy Daughter Dance 2012
Daddy Daughter Dance 2013


Jessie said...

Awww! Steal my heart. What precious pictures. And what a special way for dad and daughter to bond.

Traci@TheHallway said...

I love that she has been able to attend all of them! I can't wait for Charli's first daddy/daughter dance! Those pictures are stunning!! So so cute!

Jen said...

This is so wonderful! :) Perfect photos.

Betty Asphy said...

Awesome. I am also glad also to see that more of the elementary schools are actually having daughter and daddy dance. They just love it.

Sarah said...

ok, like ALL of those pictures could be on hallmark cards. Super sweet!

Rachel Ross said...

Oh my gosh, so precious!! Love that they do this together! So, so sweet!!

Shannon said...

these pictures MELT my heart. I love them all, but the one of Charlotte looking up at the camera gave me goosebumps!

amominneedofadvice said...

I remember going to a daddy-daughter dance when I was young. I will never forget it! I loved it! Your little girl will have and hold these memories FOREVER. Thanks for sharing such a priceless moment. It brought back memories.

Amy said...

Precious!!! I remember going to a father daughter dance when I was little. It wasn't a dress up thing (it was a cowboy thing) but I can only imagine how much more fun it would have been to be fancy and get to look forward to it every year. What great memories.

Jenn said...

Your pictures are too sweet! So glad she's had the opportunity to have some special one-on-one time like that. <3 And I hope there are more in PA!

Munchkins and the Military said...

Oh my goodness!! How precious!! Your photos came out beautifully!! I think we've had daddy/daughter dances everywhere we've been stationed, but hubs/the girls have never attended one.

Meg Henning said...

this is so sweet! what a great event and i love that they have a tradition of going

Ginna Van Zandt said...

That is so sweet! What a special memory for her!