Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Weekend

We are still working on getting the house squared away (with the awesome help of my mom who flew out here), but we did take a few breaks over the holiday weekend.

Friday started out with a bike ride for the boys in downtown Carlisle – part of the Carlisle Summerfair.  They made it 4 1/2 of the course’s 6 miles.  When I asked Trenton about it, he told me that it wasn’t really really fun because there were a lot of hills.  And they were all ups – no downs at all.  Yep, he’ll probably be one to say he walked to and from school in the snow uphill both ways too…

photo (42)

We were invited over to our neighbors’ house for dinner and fireworks Friday evening, so I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen making food.  It would have gone quicker if I wouldn’t have had to make a second batch of coleslaw after spilling most of the first on the floor.

photo (43)

We had a wonderful time Friday evening. We met more new neighbors, ate delicious food, and had fun with fireworks.

photo 1 (32)
photo 2 (31)

Saturday was spent working around the house and playing outside.  If you missed it on Instagram – @creativelyblooming – we’ve been having fun with our water slide on the hill behind the house.

Our original plan for today was to go to Gettysburg (only 30 minutes away!) for the annual reenactment, but Charlotte has been having side effect issues with the medication that she’s on for a UTI, so we decided against a full day spent in the heat and sun.

Instead, we started the day off at church, came home for lunch, visited the library (our second visit in the week that we’ve lived here), and worked more around the house.  We went out for dinner at a cute little BBQ stand, and enjoyed the nice evening weather.

photo 3 (20)

All in all, we got a lot of work done, but also took time to enjoy the weekend too.  I’d say that it turned out pretty good!


*And I’m not quite finished with move posts yet.  Look for one more coming later this week!*


Traci@TheHallway said...

So glad you guys took some time for yourselves to enjoy the holiday in the midst of the boxes! Hope you get settled in quickly! Can't wait to see more of all the fun you had on your trip across!

Amanda said...

I LOVE those sparkler pictures! Glad you all got to enjoy your fourth weekend!

Jen said...

SO glad you enjoyed your weekend! Looks like a lot of fun. :)

Mrs.B said...

Love that family picture! I hope she's feeling better. I can't wait to hear more about the move.. You are a saint!

Hana R said...

I love your family photo! "Gig 'em!"