Friday, July 4, 2014

Mount Rushmore

One of my favorite stops on our cross-country roadtrip was Mount Rushmore.


One, because Mount Rushmore is pretty dang awesome, and two, because we got to see it with one of my very best friends.


We opted to visit Mount Rushmore in the evening so that we could see it lit up.


Before it was dark and the monument was lit, we walked around the park, learning about four of our nation’s most influential presidents.  Then we settled in (standing because all of the amphitheater seats were already taken) for a short film and then the lighting of the memorial.

Hearing about all of the wonderful things that these men did for our country was very uplifting – especially so close to our nation’s birthday.

The night ended with all of the active duty men and women and veterans coming down to the stage to be recognized.


I loved the overwhelmingly patriotic feeling that I got visiting Mount Rushmore.  And I highly recommend seeing it at night to anyone else wanting to visit.  The amphitheater was full, but the trail was virtually empty, and we didn’t have any trouble getting out of the parking lot once the evening’s festivities were done.  And another plus – after staying out until 10:30 at night, the kids all slept past 8:00 the next morning!


Jen said...

What an amazing place! I have always wanted to go here.

Nicole said...

That is really neat. I haven't been to Mount Rushmore since I was a kid. I know from this post it has changed so much. It's definitely something I would love for my kids to see. Thanks for posting.

Rachel Ross said...

Fun! I'd love to take the kids there someday. I loved it when I was young!

Traci@TheHallway said...

Wow, how amazing! Great pictures!

Shannon said...

Rushmore is on my bucketlist of places to see. So glad you enjoyed it!