Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And One in Pre-K

Trenton wasn’t the only one that we sent off to the first day of school yesterday.

It was Charlotte’s first day of Pre-K!


She has grown up so much!


I was a little worried about how Charlotte would do because she can be very shy in new situations and with new people.  But the back to school picnic and open house helped calm her nerves and get her used to the people that she would be spending her mornings with.  I dropped her off yesterday morning, and she never looked back.  Not even for that little tiny wave that she likes giving me.


  Charlotte had a wonderful first day of school.  She was a little bummed that her class didn’t have time to go out to the playground that she’s been eyeing every Sunday at church, but she said that she did a lot of other fun stuff.  She made a fish, played a bean bag game, colored a picture, played with blocks, and ate snack with a new friend.  She also told me that she drew a picture, but when I asked her what she drew, she said that it was a surprise and she was going to give it to me for Mother’s Day.  Wow!  That is quite some time to wait!

photo (54)

The four hours following pick up were spent trying to keep Charlotte busy so that she would quit asking every five minutes when Trenton would be home….


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Another successful first day of school. Glad all went well, I love hearing the stories from little kiddos about their day. Its always so cute.

Sarah said...

I love her jean jacket!! Do they make it in my size?! I'm glad her first day went well! I'm already nervous about sending Annabelle to school!

Amanda B. said...

She's so cute! I never thought of her as shy. I'm glad she had a good day too. How sweet that she missed her brother.

Jen said...

She is so adorable! :)

Sarah said...

She wears the best 'first day of school' dresses!