Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Hiking Day

Yesterday, from Georgia to Maine, families enjoyed Family Hiking Day along the Appalachian Trail.  Trenton, Charlotte, and I were one of the families hiking!  Jarrod and Evelyn were supposed to come too, but Evelyn has been vomiting since Tuesday, so Jarrod stayed home with her.

Trenton and Charlotte had so much fun!  The event was very well organized and had plenty to keep the kids busy.  Before our hike, Trenton and Charlotte learned about serviceberry trees throughout the seasons, decorated water pouches, and made exploration tubes.


Then it was time for our hike.  There were three different hikes to choose from, and we chose one called “About That Bubble” about why the lake and creek around Boiling Springs bubbles.  We found out that the lake is not boiling, but there are tubes underground causing the water to bubble.  We also found out that the water stays at a constant 52-54 degrees year round.  There went my plans for ice skating on Children’s Lake!  We saw an underwater cave/tube that people go diving in (the thing looked TINY – I can’t imagine diving in it), spotted a water snake, and learned about magma, rock layers, and dikes.  Trenton, of course, had a ton of questions for our guide, but thankfully he saved most of them for after the hike was over.


And guess who showed up to Appalachian Trail Conservancy Office just as we were finishing up our hike…


Smokey Bear!

Trenton loved Smokey.  Charlotte loved Smokey from afar.  And both kids loved reading a book about the story of the real Smokey Bear.

We had a fantastic time at Family Hiking Day, and even made it back in time for the Aggie game (it was ugly, but it was a win!).  Now if we could just get Evelyn healthy….

Monday, September 22, 2014

The End of an Era

Yesterday at 8 months, 11 days old, Evelyn’s first tooth finally popped out.

photo (77)

It’s kind of hard to see, but it’s there, and it looks like another tooth may not be far behind.

Those cute little gummy grins may now be a thing of the past, but I thought we’d take one last look at all the gummy cuteness. 

photo (62)photo (63)photo (64)photo (65)DSC_1103_1photo (66)photo (68)photo (67)photo (69)
photo (70)photo (71)photo (72)DSC_2303001photo (73)photo (74)photo (75)photo (76)DSC_3145-5DSC_3268-1DSC_3335-1photo (58)photo (59)photo (60)photo (61)DSC_3549-2

I’m going to miss that gummy smile, but I’m sure that the toothy one to come will be just as cute!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

That Could Have Been Really Embarrassing

After our first trip to Hersheypark in July, the kids have asked at least once a week about when we could return.

We didn’t have plans yesterday and the weather looked good, so we decided it would be a good day for the park.

photo 3 (26)

Of course we all had to wear our Aggie maroon since it was a game day!

photo 4 (19)photo 5 (7)

Trenton and Charlotte rode a few rides, I took turns riding a coaster with them (Jarrod’s stomach wasn’t feeling wonderful, so I was the ride rider), we ate lunch, and we rode a few more rides.

photo 1 (41)photo 2 (40)photo 3 (27)photo 1 (42)photo 4 (20)photo (56)

Evelyn even got to ride one, but she wasn’t in the mood for a selfie.

photo 2 (39)

By about 2:00 in the afternoon, the park was starting to get crowded, the sun was getting really hot, I was getting a headache, and the Aggie game was going to be kicking off soon.  So we decided to bribe the kids with snacks on the way out of the park and call it a day.

We were walking toward the park exit, and were crossing a bridge.  Trenton was a little ways ahead of us, and a dwarf walked past him.  The first dwarf that Trenton had ever seen.  Jarrod and I watched as Trenton spun around to do a double take, and a look of astonishment came across his face.  Both Jarrod and I could tell that he really wanted to yell something out to us (as could the two ladies standing on the side of the bridge trying to suppress their laughter), but thankfully “the look” from Jarrod stopped Trenton from being impulsive. 

Jarrod and I caught up with Trenton, found a bench to stop and sit down at, and explained to Trenton that he had just passed a grown up man who didn’t grow as tall as most grown ups.  Trenton told us that he had thought the man was a little kid with a mustache.  He also said that he was glad he didn’t laugh or yell out to us “that is funny” (what he had wanted to say) because that would have hurt the man’s feelings.

I must say – in that moment that Trenton passed the dwarf on the bridge, I just knew that he was going to say or do something completely embarrassing.  But, I was pleasantly surprised by his self control.  My little boy is growing up. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Pennsylvanian Farmers Market

We moved here from the salad bowl of the United States.  Monterey knew how to do farmers markets.  There were stands upon stands upon stands of fresh produce.  Berries, apples, oranges, plums, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs…they had it all.  And the markets were HUGE.

Yesterday evening we went to our first farmers market since moving to PA.

And while Pennsylvania doesn’t have the plethora of produce that California has, let me tell you what they do have…

The Amish.

Holy freakin’ cow, people.  They do everything!

They grow produce, have chickens (and quail) and sell the eggs, milk their cows and make cheese, bake bread, make homemade root beer, can, and make the most delicious sweets.


So our bag of farmers market takeaways wasn’t quite as healthy as it used to be in California, but boy is it yummy!  

And just because a little baby head peeking out of a carrier is always cute, here’s this…