Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day is AWESOME!

Most of our 3-day weekend was fairly laid back (other than the ER trip that a family member that will remain unnamed took).  We worked around the house trying our best to eradicate bagworms that built little cocoons all over one of our bushes, organizing the playroom, and starting to clean out the huge overgrown mess of back “flowerbeds” (I use the term flowerbeds very loosely here because they are really more like weed beds) that were awaiting us when we moved here.

Yesterday evening we took a break from all of our work and had friends over for dinner.  Our plan was to eat dinner and then walk down to the high school for the township’s Labor Day fireworks show.

But after dinner the big kids started watching a movie and the adults and babies were hanging out on the back deck enjoying adult conversation and drinks while the babies tried to figure out if they wanted to go to sleep.

Since we were all enjoying ourselves (and it looked like it could start raining at any moment), we decided to be lazy and stay at the house rather than walking to the football stadium.

Then came the surprise.  We could see the fireworks from our house over the tree line!

The big kids all came outside and we watched the 20-30 minute show from our deck - where potty breaks, diaper changes, and putting a sleepy baby in bed were all made easy. 

We also got to enjoy our own little sound effects.  Lots of ohhhhs, ahhhhs and wows.  Charlotte also threw in “This is the best day EVER!” and “Labor Day is AWESOME!”. 

photo (55) 

Right after the show ended, it started raining.  If we would have walked to the stadium, we would have be sprinting back home in a downpour.  So I guess the moral is that every once in a while, it actually does pay to be lazy!


Alejandra said...

I did the same with our "weed beds" this weekend! What a difference it makes!
Adorable picture of the kiddos! So cool that you could see the fireworks without having to go anywhere.

Amanda said...

How cool that you guys got to watch fireworks from your house!! Way better than walking anywhere.

Katie said...

What a cute picture of the kids!

Jen said...

That firework picture is pretty amazing! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Fun!! Glad you have made some friends too!

Shannon said...

That is so cool. That is VIP view of those fireworks for sure.

Jamie said...

What a great picture of the kids!